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Part 53: Chapter 5, Alternate Ending

Music: Bomb Shelter

We're back near the end of chapter 5. Naomi just ran off after Yoshikazu and Seiko, and we're about to give chase.

But instead of following the blood trail, we head this way.

Video: PISS QUEST 2013

Music: None

Hm? Oh...bathroom. Want to give it a shot?


Yuka heads into the door on the left.

While waiting for Yuka, we check out the men's room. It's unremarkable.

So we head into the women's room instead.

All right. Just checking.

This bathroom doesn't have any sinks in it! Gross!

What's wrong?!

That's...not good. Try to finish up and get out of there quickly, okay?

This is a reference to the original Corpse Party, in which Yuka can drown in a girl's lavatory when blood comes flooding out of a toilet.

Satoshi decides to give his sister some privacy and leaves the restroom.

Why is it that just your absence is enough to make me feel so alone?

Yuka exits the girls' room.

I'm here for you. I'll...protect you.
Hmm? (Dammit, I let my guard down. I must have had a really sour expression on my face for her to say something like that. I guess she's worried about me again...)

You're a good girl.

Hehh? you ask?
I just want to know. It's okay, I won't tell anyone!

I see... Are you going out with him already?
Th-That's not really any of your business, big brother!

Haha. Well, I hope you can at least work up the courage to tell him how you feel at some point.

But really, she's always getting into it with me...always getting violent and controlling as soon as she sees me...and whenever I state my opinion, she always counters with the opposite opinion...and does a much better job of justifying it, to boot... She's strong-willed, and she's ornery...


Naomi must still be somewhere in these tunnels. She has to be alive... She has to be!
Come on. Let's go.

Video: PISS QUEST 2013 ends here.

And now that we've seen this scene, we're locked out of the true ending. More or less completely arbitrarily, really.

By the way, if you try to go east after the blood trail stops (when on the route to the true ending as well), Satoshi won't do it.

Anyway, we keep playing as usual, things stay the same as in the true ending for awhile, until...

This scene plays out as usual, but without ever cutting away to Naomi.

We appease Sachiko, but Naomi never shows up.

Things are still all the same as in the true ending, except we chant one less time since Naomi isn't present, and all of the dialog from her or directed at her has been cut.

Music: Escape

And the escape sequence begins. It's still all the same as before, but we're going to make a couple of detours this time.

First we head over to the lavatories and check out this rubble.

That's right, there are name tags during the escape sequence!

Yasuji Morita Age: 20
Seisei Academy for Girls, Class II-3

The Academy's most talented writer. Frequently traveled to other countries. Wandered until legs gave out; died of exhaustion.

We can't go into the lavatories. This is a problem because there's a name tag in the girls' lavatory during the escape sequence!

For some reason or another, the localization team added this text box. I guess they wanted to keep the player on track without realizing there was something in there? I dunno. The data for the name tag is still in the game though, so here it is:

Takuya Nishimura Age: 25
St. Maryanne University High School, Class 2-1

A practitioner of flower ceremony, and a lover of harmony and peace. Renowned for quiet sophistication. Died of stab wounds to abdomen.

We continue with the escape, but this time take a wrong turn and drop.

And now there's a sparkly thing down here.

Tomoyuki Hamada Age: 23
Seisei Academy for Girls, Class II-3

Head of the music department at the Academy. Constantly fantasized about by students. Legs amputated; died of blood loss.

And we're back at the heads, for the last two name tags of the game.

Two of these heads have name tags associated with them. These name tags can only be found during the escape sequence, so you have to find them under a time limit. There are no visual indicators for where to investigate, you just have to go up and down each shelf checking every individual space. You will run out of time before you've checked every spot.

Fuck these name tags.

Yasuhiko Nomura Age: 25
St. Maryanne University High School, Class 2-1

Adored both school and students. Kept countless mementos of his time as teacher. Died of beheading.

Tohru Fujimoto Age: 27
Seisei Academy for Girls, Class II-3

A staunch supporter of the Academy's students. Always encouraged them to spread their wings. Died of beheading.

That's it. The final name tag of the game. You get nothing for collecting them all (even if it were possible to actually collect all of them.)

We continue with the escape and head out to the walkway.

Video: Alternate Ending
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Music: None

Background Sound: Rain

We made it! All we have to do now is climb over this fence, and we're home free!

Big brother? What's wrong?
Naomi... It's Naomi...!

Sound Effect: Tone

Huh? Big brother, wait!
Naomi... I knew it! I knew you were still alive!

Satoshi walks toward Naomi...

And Yoshikazu appears behind him! (He's kind of hard to see, thanks to his tactical camouflage. Look closely.

Big brother!!

Satoshi continues to approach Naomi.

Don't scare me like that, please. If I ever lost you...

Yoshikazu approaches Satoshi...

But Yuka charges after him!

Sound Effect: Splort

Ah... Yuka! No...

Naomi disappears.

Yoshikazu runs away.

Yuka... YUKA!!
Yuka! Come on! Pull yourself together!

Background Sound: None

Music: Sadness


Yuka! Stay with us!
Big brother...
I'm so sorry. This is...all my fault...

Yuka! Your stomach...! (I didn't realize the wound was this deep...)
It's okay. I won't die. If I'd be all alone...big brother... So don't...worr... *urk* *cough* *hack* *splutter*

Remember...when I told you...there was a boy I my class?
Yeah. I remember.
The boy I like...isn't from my class......
...There's nobody...


Yuka... What are you...?
But...when we're at home...all you ever talk about...*hic* Naomi... You don't I feel...
What are you saying? I love you too, Yuka! We're family, after all!

...*hic* *cough* *retch* *splutter*
(Man, her stomach is really bleeding. The wound just keeps getting bigger...)
Isn't there...anything we can do for her? Goddammit!

Wh-What is it? What are you trying to say?

After a moment of deliberation, Satoshi decides to lie in order to make his sister happy in her final moments. you too...big brother...

(Her body was curled into a fetal position and her skin was cool to the touch, as it often would be when fast asleep. She had a peaceful expression on her face, as of a girl in the safety of her mother's arms. It was only after she was gone that I realized...just how much she'd meant to me. And how much Naomi meant to me, as well...)

Music: None

(I glanced at my watch. It was right around nine. I can't even say how long I stood there in front of my house, afraid to go in. How could I possibly break the news about Yuka to our parents...?)

Dad: Well, boys will be boys! Once we're out that door, a whole world of possibilities awaits us!
Mom: That's just as true for girls, you know. Don't be an idiot.
Dad: Sorry, dear.

Mom: God, look at you! You're SOAKED! Dry yourself off before you track up the place! And once you've changed, it's time for dinner, so come right back downstairs, okay?


(But I couldn't keep it to myself forever, either. I collapsed on my bed, trying to figure out the best way to broach the subject...when I noticed a tiny box on my desk, adorned with a ribbon.)


Next to the box sat an index card with a message on it.

Yuka... Did you leave this here...before you came to bring me my umbrella?

Inside the box was another index card.

"I've got something very special to give you later. After you get home, that is!"

But... But you left this box at home for him to find. By the time he reads the message, he'll already be home!

...? (What...was that?)

(...And it was from that room -- a room that should have been empty -- that I heard the sound of something rustling.)


...! Yu...

Music: Confutatis no Inori

There's the alternate ending. Now let's never speak of it again.