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Part 55: Chapter 5, Wrong Ending 2, Part 1

Chapter 5 - Wrong End 2

This choice has no bearing on the ending you get, but I think the resulting dialog is different enough that it's worth showing.

Hmm? A scream? From me? I don't recall making any sound at all...
Come now, stand up. If you just sit here cowering, we'll never find my little sister. Nor your big brother.
U-Umm... My st-stomach...uhh...

Rrrnngg...gynnnngg... *grumble*
Hmm-hmm... (Interesting...interesting... So this is what it looks like when someone holds it in to the point of bursting... How pitiful! I wonder what sort of face she'd make if I forced her to go right here......Wait... Pitiful? Did I say pitiful?)


Huh? ...What?
Hrrrrrrng... *gulp*

I'll look for my brother by myself.
...What are you saying, Yuka?

And there's simply no way out of here. Everyone is going to die. So let's continue to be brother and sister until our dying breaths, for however long we may have...
U-Umm... Goodbye!

Yuka heads for the west exit.


Yuka proceeds through the door anyway.

At this point, things work out the same way they did in the original update. Yuka finds Kurosaki, tries to help him, Kizami literally kicks the piss out of her, and then he starts chasing her around.

Music: Chase

This screenshot doesn't make any sense. There's only one pair of Blessed Shoes, so one of them should be taking damage here. You would assume Yuka is wearing the shoes, since you don't take damage when you walk over the goo, but her shoes fell off when Kizami kicked her.

My continuity!


(The best voice clip in the game)


Music: None

At this point, everything works out as usual. Morishige gets a call from Mayu's ghost and goes crazy, Naomi and Satoshi get caught in an earthquake and knocked out, and Ayumi wakes up in the real world, freaking out from experiencing Yuki's death.

Video: Yoshiki's Choice

Come on... For Mochida...

Ordinarily, you would have a choice here. If Yuka gets caught by Kizami, Yoshiki will automatically refuse to return.

Having Yoshiki refuse to return to Heavenly Host is the deciding factor of whether or not you get this wrong end, so you can keep Yuka away from Kizami and still end up with it. Allowing Yuka to get caught will get you a couple extra scenes, however.

I don't want to set one foot in that hellhole ever again! And you shouldn't either! We'd have to be out of our fucking minds to go back there! We'd die for sure!
Why do you always have to be like that?! That's what I hate about you! You don't give a shit about anyone's feelings but your own! And you're so stubborn once you've set your mind on something! Are you honestly saying you're fine as long as YOU get through this alive?!

Fine! Do whatever the hell you want! It was stupid of me to even bother asking you. I'll go by myself! I can't believe you... Do you really not care about rescuing your friends?!

You don't care about "everyone" either... The only person you care about is Satoshi!!
You can drop the act. It's gotten pretty fucking old! Always Mochida this, Mochida that... Well, I hope you two are happy together in eternal damnation!

...I...have no idea what you're talking about...

You're so...oblivious!
You've been watching Satoshi so closely, you never even much I care about you... I mean, this has been a weird situation and all...but when we got separated from him, and you and I wound up alone together...

I thought maybe it would be a good chance to catch your eye, and draw it away from his...
...but the whole time, all you could think about was him! You probably kept wishing it was Satoshi by your side instead of me!

Stop it!
Just...stop it, please... How could you think any of that is true?! Mochida's NOT the only one I'm worried about!

Isn't that a precious memory to you? I want us to have experiences like that again. There's still so much I want to share with all of you...
THAT'S why I'm going back! Because if I don't, we can never be together again...and the thought of that absolutely mortifies me!

You're certain?
Yes. Please.

...I'm absolutely terrified of this...but I'm still doing it!

Ayumi and Yuki disappear, leaving Yoshiki behind.

Yoshiki heads for the classroom door, but stops to look at the board beside it.

They're... They're all gone now...
Ehh, what does it even matter? It'll just be like my tenth grade year all over again. I can go back to being a lone wolf. No biggie. I'm pretty much used to it, honestly.

Yoshiki opens the classroom door.

Oh, hey Yoshiki. What are you up to?
Heheh... What kind of face is that? You been skipping meals again or something?!

Satoshi vanishes.


*giggle* But you seem in good spirits again today, at least!


Like Satoshi, Mayu disappears as well.

That wasn't it at all... It's not even remotely what I wanted to say... I just...wanted to protect her!

Music: Sadness

Rrrnng..kkh... What in the fuck is wrong with me?! *hic* I'll probably never see her again... I take it back! I take it all back! Please, God, let me take it back!

If we do it right, then all of us will be together forever! ...Or we'll always be friends, anyway. That's the gist of it.

Rrrgh... ...Please... ...I'M BEGGING YOU!!

Please!! I don't... I don't want to lose them!! Shinozaki... Satoshi... Ms. Yui... everybody! *hic* *sob*

Yuki appears in front of Yoshiki.

I was about to run from this, the way I always do. But...when I first started hanging out with those losers, I felt like I was...reborn...
So please! Shinozaki is scared of everything, but even she's giving this her best shot. And I'm not about to let her upstage me! I swear, we're going to wrench that repentance from Sachiko with our bare hands if we have to, and put all the rest of you at peace once and for all.

The screen fades to black.

Video: Yoshiki's Choice ends here.

Music: None

Meanwhile, Ayumi is back in Heavenly Host, all by herself.

Sound Effect: Text Alert

But...I've had no service this whole time...Actually, I still have no service!

Music: Chapter 5's Second Theme

Kishinuma! You came through after all! Let's see if he gets my reply...

[Message Sent]


Sound Effect: Text Alert

[Message Received]

Heh. Jerk. I feel...kind of...overwhelmed. Come...quickly. Aaand, send.
*sigh* I do feel a little better now. Actually, that was probably the first time I've ever responded to a text message from Kishinuma. Heh.

Ayumi stands around for a little while.

Maybe I should try texting him again...
What are you...doing? Where...are you? Send.

But if he's in this school, I'm sure I'll run into him eventually.

Ayumi heads out of the classroom...

Music: None

Video: Yuka and Yuuya
This video covers the remainder of the update.

Big broootheeer!! *hic* Waaaaaaaahhh!!
Now then, Yuka...

Quite an unexpected change from the doldrums of junior high, no? The realization that your existence will soon come to an end... Ha! Can you believe it?
*sob* *whimper*
When you woke up this morning, did you say to yourself, I'm going to die today? People who die in traffic accidents don't even know what's coming. They wake up, get out of bed, wash their faces... And all the while, the thought that they're going to die that day never even enters their minds. Well, take heart! This situation isn't all that different, when you think about it. Death is not an unexpected occurrence. It's not random chance. Death is always lurking in the shadows, every minute of every day.
It's because people forget that...that death takes them by surprise. It's the very height of folly! However...therein lies the appeal.

You see, Yuka... I've witnessed a great many in my life. I've touched them...felt them... The final moments of life, from a wide variety of living beings... And every one of them always struggled to live till the bitter end, never giving up the fight. But I've watched those final sparks of life burn down to nothing. I've seen them go out.

Humans, you see...have brains that allow them to consider various possibilities, and communicate those possibilities with other humans.
But they rarely ever use their brains to truly explore the concepts of life and death.
They forgo ruminating on the meaning of life and the laws of the universe, instead opting to use their cognitive abilities for pointless wastes of time. They stop focusing their energy on giving some semblance of purpose to their pitiful existences...and simply indulge themselves in Earthly pleasures. Some are even foolish enough to kill themselves! It's like everyone in this world is a gibbering idiot...

When a person becomes aware of his or her own impending demise...or better yet, is in the process of dying...what sort of fireworks will that last spark of life become? Quite simply...the answer to that is what I crave!
Kurosaki's death...was absolutely exquisite. I believe he may even have understood me, in the end. He must have, to have shown me such a breath-taking display.

Kizami takes a few steps away from Yuka.

You wouldn't be so unsisterly as to feign no reaction, I trust!

If it's agonizing, you're welcome to scream bloody murder! No need to hold back on my account!

Huahahahahahahaha... That's it! That's perfect! GIVE ME MORE!