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Part 57: Chapter 5, Wrong Ending 2, Part 3

In control of Satoshi, we head back into the girls' lavatory and down the ladder into the custodian's closet.

A brown envelope is resting prominently atop the bodies of Naho and Kibiki. It definitely wasn't there before.

(Too dark to see what's in it here. Let's step outside and take a look.)

Satoshi and Naomi step out of the closet.

No... No, it can't be...

The photograph in the envelope depicts Yuka. And she doesn't look well.

Understatement of the century.

Music: Recursion
Oddly, this track plays after the game switches you to Ayumi, up until you change maps. After that point, it reverts back to Chapter 5's main theme.

We're automatically put back into control of Ayumi. We head south from the stairwell.

And we head into the ??? room.

Music: None

...Ulgh... Why isn't anyone coming to help me?!

I need a tissue.

As Ayumi pulled a tissue from her pocket, she inadvertently pulled out her student ID as well.

No... NOO!! Why... Why?! My student ID... My paper doll scrap!!

Ahhh! Ms. Yui! Ms. Yuuuiii!!

The game gives us a very truncated version of Ms. Shishido's death scene without any visuals, just to make sure she's not left as a loose end.

Ms. Yui... Ms. Yui...I'm so sorry... *sob*

Write me back, for God's sake! *sob* If you really did follow me here, then show your damned face already!

Ayumi heads toward the incinerator.

Do you have any idea how worried I've been? If you don't respond to my texts, how am I supposed to know you're all right?! Do you have no service or something? Did you run out of batteries? ...!

Ayumi takes a step back.

Satoshi... Are you all right?
Yuka... She...was probably scared out of her mind...and in a lot of pain... And I...I wasn't there for her. She was all alone...
Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault, Satoshi.

It's...not your fault......
So...whose fault is it, then? Whose fault is it, Naomi?!
Dammit... Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!!

Satoshi... *sob*

What is it?
I just happened to glance out the window, at the covered walkway between the two buildings...and I saw a red dress.
Goddamn piece of shit little girl... I'm going to make her pay for what she's done! You have no right to mess with the living!

Satoshi charges after Sachiko.

Satoshi! Wait!

And Naomi chases.

Video: Chapter 5 - Wrong End 2
This video covers the remainder of the update.

...?! Satoshi! Satoshi!! Pull yourself together! What happened to you?!

What are you talking about?! What's gotten into you?!
I've will to live...
Don't say that!

Satoshi! No!
You need to...find Shinozaki...and then...go home...
Stop talking like that! Don't give up!

Do it for me, dammit! Keep on living...for me...

We join Ayumi, who's walking through the underground tunnels.


...Ahh... Ms. Yui...
... Nakashima? Where did you get that paper doll scrap? Is it...Mochida's?
No, Satoshi still has his own. This is Yuka's. Poor girl... She didn't make it, either. that means there are two between the both of you.

Ayumi takes a few steps closer to Naomi.

Actually, I'm only asking because I wound up losing mine. So GIVE IT HERE!!

Ayumi punches Naomi and knocks her to the ground.

Music: 1953

And she winds up her fist for another...

Sound Effect

AAAAHAHAHA! Eeeeeheeheehee...heeeheeehaa......HAAAAH!!

Heh. Sory, Nakashima. Looks like I get the guy after all.

Ayumi abandons Naomi's corpse and continues deeper into the shelter.

(The darkening...!)
No... No, nonononono... Nooo... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Wait... if Mochida's not with me...then how do I get back home?!

Ayumi glances down the corridor at Naomi.



Music: Wrong End

I really love this wrong ending. It's absolutely crazy how much work they put into it, with multiple CGs, multiple new scenes, and multiple sprites not seen anywhere else in the game.

And on that note, the LP has come to a close. I would like to thank you all for reading, and I would like to give an extra special thank you to tooooooo bad, for sending me a rip of all the game's graphics files and sound effects. Including sound effect links was a last minute decision I made when I realized I had all the sound files, and I think the LP turned out much better thanks to it. Corpse Party has its flaws, but it still manages to tell a compelling story with (mostly) likeable characters. And when this game does something right, it really does it well.

I'll be starting Book of Shadows soon and posting a link to the new thread in here once it's started, so look forward to that!