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Part 60: Exchap 2

Today we'll be taking a look at Exchap 2, which is unlocked when you get chapter 3's true ending. It's a long one, so clear out your schedule.

Sound Effect: Camera


Sound Effect: Running (Light)

Why are you running, little Yuka?

(Heheh... Looks like the chase is afoot!)

We're put into control of Morishige, during the chase sequence from chapter 3.

If we try to go upstairs, Morishige will stop and turn around (because Yuka went downstairs, you see.), so we head down instead, temporarily ignoring the nearby door.

The note is the fourth installation of chapter 3's Victim's Memoirs, so we don't bother to read it.

"Luck is fickle...but I still have faith in it. That good luck charm... I know it's stupid...but I truly believe it works... So I know I'll see you again, Mao...and if anyone else finds this letter...please...wish her good luck for me. -Kaori Kimura, class 2-4, Lexern High"


Sound Effect: Camera

Well, I feel kind of dirty now.

We head upstairs.

And through the door.

We head into the boys' lavatory, continuing our search for Yuka/corpses to photograph.

(This room doesn't exactly lend itself to hiding in its current state, I suppose.)

That was pointless. We exit the bathroom and head through the east door.

Morishige runs head first into an attractive man and falls to the floor, dropping his phone in the process.

Background Sound: Wind

Ah, n-no worries. (Someone from another school...?)
I'm totally fine. I should apologize as well. I wans't looking where I was going.
I see you're from a different school. My name is Kizami. I'm a student at Byakudan Senior High.
Sakurato Morishige, from Kisaragi Academy. ...I'm grateful for the chance to meet another living being.

Th-That's quite all right! I'll have a look myself! Give it here!

Morishige snatches the phone from Kizami's hand.

(Did he see...the corpse shot...? If he did, then there's no way he'll want anything to do with me anymore... Don't just look at other people's phones without permission, goddammit!)

Morishige turns and begins to walk back the way we came.

Music: Unpleasantness

Come again?
I had a feeling we might be cut from the same cloth...
I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about. I'd appreciate it if you'd please just leave me be.

Hah... Hahahahahahahahaha!

The end.