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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 62: Exchap 4

Exchap 4 is unlocked after you obtain chapter 4's true ending.

Music: Game

But of course! I am Katayama, the sommelier of love! ...Feel free to call me that, too, if you'd like.
Don't think you're the cock fo the walk just yet. Try clearing the game once...then we'll talk.
Oh, don't worry. I'll clear the shit out of it!

Of course we haven't forgotten.
Yeah, don't worry. We do this all the time.
We're just messing around. It's totally harmless.
Yep. Just let us know when you're done in here, Masato, and we can all head on home.
*sigh* You know...

Heheh. There's plenty of me to go around! Aaaaaaand, boom goes the dynamite!
Oh, God! I can't believe you just did that!

Come on, why can't you just pick your favorite like a normal player?
Hmm? What's all the hubbub? I want in!

O-ho! Gaming, are you? You guys just can't seem to get enough!
Did I detect a hint of dual entendre bastard?

Don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em.
You think you can win me over?
Well, how about you see for yourself?

Isn't she?
Get a load of the graphics on this thing. Super-realistic! ...Hey, you know who I'd love to see playing this? Fukuroi...
That would be something!

Kurosaki circles around the desk to Fukuroi.

Uhhh... I've got work to do, you know...
Ehh, don't be such a stick-in-the-mud. Come on, Fukuroi, just pick your favorite girl. I insist! In fact...I won't leave you alone until you do!
You guys are such a pain in my ass...

Without voices or a mugshot to help, it's probably pretty easy to confuse the names of these characters we've known for all of fifteen seconds. The one talking here is Kurosaki, who just handed the game to Fukuroi and is now leaning over him and providing creepy commentary on the game.

Sound Effect: Selection

That was a pretty quick decision. See big boobs, press confirm!
Fukuroi, I had no idea! Heh... Big tits does it for you, eh?

Aaaand the truth comes out. But it's okay! I can definitely see it. Yeah... Good choice, man!
A person's true colors always come out when they play games like this.
They seem like some pretty predictable colors for a hardass like him, though...

Heh. No need to be embarrassed!

Kurosaki heads for the door, but stops partway.

Fun fact: All these guys are dead! If you look through the previous updates, we've found name tags for Fukuroi, Ohkawa, and Katayama. And of course, Kurosaki was stabbed in the gut and kicked into a pit, so he's probably either dead or dying.