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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 63: Exchap 5

Exchap 5 is unlocked for seeing chapter 5's second wrong end.

Music: Home

Shinozaki! Haven't seen you in two days. You feeling any better?
Yep, fit as a fiddle. Had a doctor's appointment this morning, and it seems all is good!
Excellent. Glad to hear it.

Heehee. It is. I live a sad, lonely life.
...Though I did go out with a charming young lad when I was in high school...
I knew it! Heh... Give me all the juicy details!

That's a good spot. It's quiet, and you can see the whole town from there. Seems nice and romantic. So...what kind of person was he?
Hmmm, let's see... Well, for starters, he was really kind. Though he had a rather brusque was of speaking that did him no favors in coming across that way! But I guess where it counted, even his harsh words had a certain element of kindness to them.
Sometimes, I felt like I was the only person who truly understood him... Heh, listen to me boast!
That's so sweet... So? How far did you get with him?
Weeeell... Sorry, I never kiss and tell.

We got super-nervous just holding each other's hands!
*giggle* I'm the same way. cute! *sigh*
Probably pretty lame by today's standards, though! Heheh...
Not at all. I think it's wonderful.

Heya, Ms. Yui. I brought the day duty roster.
Ah, Kishinuma...
Grrrr...and we were just getting to the good part...

What does it look like? I'm talking to Ms. Yui!
So you are. Seems like you two are having a blast, at that.
Just get out of here! This is between us girls!

Yoshiki leaves the classroom.

Huh. Was I?

Shishido walks over and picks up the roster.

...Who is, now?