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Corpse Party

by DarkHamsterlord

Part 64: Exchap 6

Exchap 6 is unlocked by obtaining chapter 5's true ending.

Music: Everyday Life

Nice job today, Madame Rep!
Thanks! You too.
So what's the verdict, Ayumi? Are we knockin' 'em dead with our delicious red bean soup, or what?!
Yeah. I'm kind of shocked how many customers we're getting. There's just no end!

Ahaha. You really think so? Thanks! I'm glad to hear my work's being appreciated!
Well, it's super-duper cute, so why wouldn't it be? In fact, I'd kind of like to take a copy home with me after the festivities, if that'd be okay...
Oh, of course!

Hey, 2-5's got a haunted house set up, and they did an amazing job with it!
We're heading over there now. Would you girls like to join us?

Aaaahaaa, you'd better believe I'm comin'!
How about you, Shinozaki?

I can't just leave my post. You guys go without me.
Oh, yeah... I didn't think of that. Sorry.
Then, uh, maybe I should stay behind too. I'd feel bad leaving you here with nobody to talk to...

Well...we'll at least pick you up something to drink on the way back, then...
Come on, come on! Let's gooooo!!
God, you're shrill...

Eheh. I really...don't need anything...