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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 68: Exchap 10

Exchap 10 is unlocked once you've seen chapter 5's alternate ending.

Music: Home

It's super-cool, and smells super-sweet! ...Huh?
He's not here? Awww...

I'm hoooooome!

Mom: Hey, weren't you collecting those promotional UPC codes with the bell symbol on them?



Yuka picks up the box and shakes it a bit.

I'll take 'em!

Yuka leaves the room.

And then she comes right back in and puts a box on the floor.


Mom: Ohhhh yeaaah, those scented beads you keep carrying on about...

I just bought another bottle, too. It's caramel flavor!

Well, it keeps you safe from injury and harm, aaaand it does something else, too...

Mom: Hmmmm?

...I'm not telling!


Don't lay on other people's beds without permission. What's wrong with you, Yuka?

Mrs. Mochida leaves the room.

Mom: Really, now? Is that a fact?!


I'm DEFINITELY not telling!

Mom: *giggle* All right, I won't push my luck. ...Oh, but Yuka? I've been meaning to talk to you...


Mom: I do appreciate you folding the laundry all by yourself, without anyone asking...but if you forget to take your clothes back to your room afterward, it kind of defeats the point, you know?

Mom: Good, good.

The voice actor actually said "GOOD LUCK" in English here, by the way.

And that's the end of the extra chapters.