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Original Thread: Let's Dick Each Other Over: Co-Op Megathread


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Crackdown is a sandbox third-person shooter released in 2007 by Realtime Worlds. You might have heard of it because it came with the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta, and you also might have heard of it because it's fucking awesome and is one of the 360's better co-op offerings.

The premise of the game is that you are a super-powered cop tasked with cleaning up the rampant crime problem of Pacific City. Your focus is directed toward eliminating gang leaders who are holed up in a variety of locations until a gang has been disassembled from the ground up, and then finishing that gang's Kingpin so that the Agency can reclaim that portion of the city. You get stronger as you play through a stats system that rewards experience in different stats (agility, driving, firearms, explosives, and strength) depending on how you take out gang members.

This LP will consist of buddy cops A Wooden Palisade and I kicking each other off of buildings and blowing each other up on our quests to dismantle the various gangs and conspire against each other. We will also show off each of the minigames at least once, including the multiplayer-only favorites like Rocket Tag! All commentary will be recorded live.

Finally, since this game is a sandbox and you can tackle the gang leaders in any order you'd like, and since we are playing on Ruthless difficulty (this game's "Hard" mode; between Tough (Normal) and Psychotic (Very Hard)), there will occasionally be a video wherein we accomplish nothing productive at all. Each video will be between 15 and 30 minutes, and we probably won't note which videos accomplish nothing because we are relatively efficient overall. You'll still get to see explosions and physics-defying car flips, so it's all gravy.


0. Introductionblip.tvYoutube
1. So You Want to Be a Superheroblip.tvYoutube
2. It's Like Teaching Your Dog Not to Shit on the Carpetblip.tvYoutube
3. Ruthlessblip.tvYoutube
4. Parkour and Trickshotsblip.tvYoutube
5. Now Playing: Miley Cyrus - The Climbblip.tvYoutube
6. Romantic Lighthouse Encounterblip.tvYoutube
7. Great Tank Offensiveblip.tvYoutube
8. Row, Row, Row Your Busblip.tvYoutube
9. Welcome to LEGOLANDblip.tvYoutube
10. What a Mess!blip.tvYoutube
11. MALFUNCTION II is a Chumpblip.tvYoutube
12. I Know Who Killed Meblip.tvYoutube
13. Superhero Static Micblip.tvYoutube
14. The Longest Game Ever Playedblip.tvYoutube
15. Punch it, Chewie!blip.tvYoutube
16. Siege of the Cholosphereblip.tvYoutube
17. This is... Sadblip.tvYoutube
18. Basejump Peelout Extraordinaireblip.tvYoutube
19. LOST: In Loving Memory of Walrus Peteblip.tvYoutube
20. Colonel Snackston Cowellblip.tvYoutube
21. March of the Baggage Carrierblip.tvYoutube
22. The Practical Application of Vehicles as Weapons, Part 1blip.tvYoutube
23. A Study in the Health Benefits of Invisibility, Part 2blip.tvYoutube
24. The Curious Castration of Zuang Lun Wangblip.tvYoutube
25. Kool Trix 2: Crackdown Editionblip.tvYoutube

Bonus Videos

Bonus Game: Sunset Ridersblip.tvDownload
B1. Test Recording #119blip.tvDownload
B2. Special DVD Bonus: Wind Waker #06 - This is a Cry for Help: Director's Cutblip.tvDownload
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