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Original Thread: Holding Back the Ocean With A Broom: Let's Play Creeper World!



Holding Back the Ocean with a Broom: Let's Play Creeper World

Creeper World is an odd, deceptively addictive game that can be considered a combination of tower defense and RTS. It didn't reinvent the wheel so much as combine elements of different conceptions of the wheel it what was a fairly unique way. The original was released by Knuckle Cracker in 2009, followed by a second game in 2011, a third in 2013, and a space-based spinoff in 2016.

Because I'm insane, I'll be showing them all here:

** Creeper World Anniversary Edition(the original with updated graphics)
** Creeper World 2: Redemption -- Generally considered to have a 'better' story(a low bar) but inferior gameplay. Based on a side cross-section view(vertical) rather than the original's top-down horizontal orientation.
** Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal -- Returns to the top-down concept, a true modern-ish successor to the original.
** Particle Fleet: Emergence -- Creeper World in space, basically.
** Creeper World 4 -- In development, likely to be released sometime in 2020? Anyway, that'll be added in whenever.

Gameplay Synopsis

In a typical RTS or tower-defense game you are engaged in combat with enemy units of some type. Kill all the units, and structures in some cases, and win the mission/level. Creeper World is a little different. The enemy, Creeper, seeps and flows all over the place, behaving pretty much like you'd expect water to. Except that it keeps coming. And coming. And coming. It cannot be destroyed, only repelled. On your side are a handful of economic structures and weapon emplacements that must be placed and moved intelligently in order to combat the Creeper. What is ahead is essentially a battle of attrition -- or rather many of them. The terrain can take many forms, and will be vitally important. I also like the fairly haunting soundtrack, and the sound effects are pretty basic, but well-executed.

LP Style

I'll be presenting each level in both screenshot and video. Watch the raw footage, read the what and why description, or use both in concert as you see fit. Both may be appropriate here, depending on the level and reader preference.

LP Skill Disclosure

I've played through about half of the first game, seen a (very) little of the others. Basically enough to know what I'm getting into. I'm not an expert, but I am reasonably competent I would say with the first game, and the concepts are similar in the others. I'd suggest expecting generally adequate gameplay, with minimal facepalm moments as first, such moments accelerating as I get into situations and sequels that I am not prepared for.

Plot Spoilers

Discouraged, but I'm not going to get up in arms about it. The story of Creeper World is of the quality that makes you wonder why they bothered with it in the first place, impressively hogwash space-magicky stuff. However I do give it points for not taking itself too seriously -- it pokes fun at that it's doing from time to time. We're here for the unique gameplay blend, not the writing, though of course what is there will also be presented.

Creeper World I: Game Modes

** Story -- This is where we'll start, it begins with the basics and escalates the difficulty steadily. It's a well-worn formula partly because it's an effective one; particularly for the first half it works well, starting with a purely tutorial world and each level requiring gradually more mastery than the previous one.
** Conquest -- Extra challenges, unlocked by completing the first 'leg'(i.e. Act, several worlds) of Story mode. I won't get into this until the Story is completed most likely because to-be-explained reasons.
** Special Ops -- Another set of extra challenges, each requiring completion of one or more of the Conquest sets to be playable.
** Chronometer -- An interesting approach to additional 'random' maps; enter a historical date and a specific map is presented, with the date acting as the 'map seed'. However it appears there's a lot of repetitiveness involved here. May do a couple of these from famous dates, or I may not. There's plenty without it, but I think the idea is quite interesting.

Bottom line is that there's lots of gameplay here. I think that's a strong point for the title. There's a lot to be said for a simple idea done well, and I'd generally put Creeper World in that category of game.

So here we go -- and may we reach safe, uncharted worlds at least an hour before the Creeper knows we've left.

Creeper World I: Anniversary Edition

Now presented for posterity, here is the link to the playlist for the original. All raw gameplay, no-commentary videos. All Story missions and bonus content, 55 levels in all.

For the reader, the forum updates for the first game:

Chapter I: Novus Orca
Chapter 2: Taurus
Chapter 3: Fitch
Chapter 4: Orion
Chapter 5: Cetus
Chapter 6: Ara
Chapter 7: Corvus
Chapter 8: Draco
Chapter 9: Crux
Chapter 10: Octan
Chapter 11: Tucana
Chapter 12: Vela
Advanced Gameplay
Chapter 13: Pavo
Chapter 14: Ursa
Chapter 15: Canis
Chapter 16: Ix
Strategy Tips
Chapter 17: Scluptor
Chapter 18: Volan
Chapter 19: Pyxis
Chapter 20: Loki

Grim Conquest, 1-3
Grim Conquest, 4-5
Special Ops: Classic Earth
Special Ops: Super Tax-Man
Skuld 1-3
Skuld 4-5
Special Ops: Gump
Special Ops: Mouse Shadow
Frigg 1-3
Frigg 4-5
Special Ops: Chess
Special Ops: DTD
Vidar Conquest, 1-3
Vidar Conquest, 4-5
Special Ops: Poison
Special Ops: Chop Raider
Gudrun 1-3
Gudrun 4-5
Special Ops: Air
Special Ops: KC

Creeper World 2: Redemption

Beginning with the first sequel, commentary added to the video as well as the SSLP updates here in the thread.

Day 1: Novus Orca
Day 2: Far York
Day 3: Taurus
Day 4: UC-1004
Day 5: The Maxia Choice
Commander's Field Guide: Basic Gameplay
Day 6: Chaos
Day 7: Lost
Day 8: Sliver
Day 9: Intelligence
Day 10: The Experiment
Day 11: The Cooker
Day 12: The Answer
Day 13: Horror
Day 14: Phoenix
Day 15: Exterminate
Day 16: Purpose
Day 17: Trickery
Day 18: The Tide
Day 19: Colony Prime
Day 20: All Things

Bonus 1: Positronic
Bonus 2: The Tree
Bonus 3: Minion Surprise
Bonus 4: Shields Up!
Bonus 5: Stygian Depths
Bonus 6: Odyssey
Bonus 7: Barbarian Hordes
Bonus 8: Assault
Bonus 9: Cubic
Bonus 10: Abyss

Bonus ??: Credits

Custom: Strange Fields
Custom: Dark Menace 6
Custom: Creeper Falls
Custom: help the rebels
Custom: Black temple

Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal

Far York
Arca(Loki Ending)

Credits 'Dungeon'

Prospector Zone: A Taste of Odin

Tormented Space: Alelurgtum

Alpha Sector

Fortress Siege(Blaze)
Link & Shallow Moat
Flood Walls
floodgate v4
Solar Winds
The Firing Range & Firing RangeB
Paradime & Nomland
Starfields Eternal
Troublesome Trains*
The Ocean
Gorge of the Void
The small one & The Gatekeeper
Unknown Scenario - Part 2 & 4.2 An Old Friend
A Trio of New Planets
The Start
Demo World & Earth
Solar System Shakeup & Up and Over
Mini Arena, Trae Noria, & Twisted Island
Altiar & Lil Gliese
spacecadet & Terror
thE ARk THat burned, the downpour, & islandhopper
Terp Lover
ThunderBluff & Pothole
spider Web
Planet Hopping & Which Way Do I Go
A River Runs Through It
I feel crazy
Faithful & strings attached
space & Total War[
WarZone Classic
War Zone
Conquest & Conquest 2
The Push & Countdown
HardToSee1, HardToSee2, & runner farm
Get the Gear
Creepy Castle & Shield Shove
Pyramid Power & AC Is Key
spore spam & point to point
clear your castle & thor's thunder
Airbase One
Beau Jest
The Bardel Redemption
The Bardel Convention
Descender & Helter-Skelter
Riftworld & Pop-Up
Pamukkale & Stairway 13
Runner Wash & Landscape Abuse 101
Megaland 2
Elect. Quiz & Tucana (Twice)
The Totem & The Totem 2
Creeper Wall
Creeper Wall 2
Creeper Wall 3 & the pit
Child's Play
Super Tower
Super Tower 2
asteroid map & Wallsaver
Creeper Hollow
The Source & Dungeon Novice
Aether & Dr. Wall
NACDAR & Digitalis Alpha Mission
Curiosity Station & Creeper In The Wind
Sacrifice & Chimera

Colonial Space

Training Day
Hyper Tower
Doomed Fortress-Sleeper*
CSM-58 SB9
Abandoned Ticon Lab

Particle Fleet: Emergence

Intro + Prologue
The 145th
Duty & Epilogue


The Melt
Varro & the Ship Editor
Fountains of Betelgeuse
Daisy Chain
Industrial Complex
Square Land
CEO's Landing
The Nest
Warp Never Changes

GMM-12 (39:47)
My Life For Mire (44:00)
Struc Needed (56:42)
Omni-Fest 9 + GMM 1 (1:06:08)
Omnificient (34:35)
License 1 (57:23)

Creeper World Grab-Bag
A selection of levels from all of the previously released titles, while we await CW4

Monkey Bars (1:13:44)
Release Roundup (1:23:10)
I Apologize In Advance (1:56:25)
InkCSM-3 (1:57:00)
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