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Part 5: Cetus

Chapter 5: Cetus

OPS has been holding out on us, we're even more screwed than previously anticipated, and there's an Artifact -- but we don't know what it does. Not the best of news.

We have three collectors connected, and a couple of other groups further away. To reach them, we must cross the lowest-lying areas. Meanwhile the emitters are on the highest ground, but at least the creeper itself will flow into a lower area with a few rows of blocks set up. That barricade will buy us some time.

Building in that lowest area near us is ... hazardous. Not now of course, but those blocks won't hold forever. After a bit of experimenting I hit upon this approach. After getting a few more collectors up, some at the starting area and some on that small 'island' on the right edge, it's time to bridge the gaps with relays and connect up with the two 'outposts'. The first row of blocks in the northwest is already taking a beating.

Did pretty well with the expanding at first, then got a little greedy here as I had a deficit as high as 34. One row of blocks is gone, and the second will soon follow.

It's not too long before I've got enough income to build everything I can safely connect on the higher areas, and I add in three Storage units.

At just about four minutes in, the dam is broken and the Creeper rushes through. Meanwhile I'm finishing up collectors and getting a couple Mortars and Blasters going -- it's a race to see if I'll get them ready in time to protect what I've built. Two Totems have been acquired, but it'll take a lot more work to get the third.

Once the weapons are ready, I position them on the heights nearest the deep part of the Creeper to cut off the supply. I've finished this in time, but if you don't start reasonably well it's very easy to lose part of your network before you are prepared to fight back. This isn't a world that presents great risk of losing, but that can make things a lot more difficult. Even here, you can see that the blocks in the south are under attack.

After getting a couple more blaster done, even though I don't get them positioned properly for a while, it doesn't take long to reclaim most of the map from the Creeper and end any threat to my territory.

I get to the third Totem first. If you don't get everything else first, OPS will have this to say.

So I basically cover most of the map in collectors, most of which I don't need, while waiting to be hooked up to the circular greenish thing in the middle, which is our Artifact.

And the plot stinkens. Now we can leave.

Another case where we were able to crush the advance of the Creeper once we started pushing back.

First 'leg' of the Story has now been completed, and with it and the discovery of this mysterious Artifact from more than eleven millenia back to present time we have five more worlds to journey to.