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Part 104: Arca(Loki Ending)

Arca(Loki Ending)


This is our starting point, as everything before it has already been seen. This unlocks the Rotten Apple achievement.

We've been over this, and established already that I'm not really your father, at least in the traditional sense.

Or I could just refer to the entire freaking evil collective as my children. That works too.

Aliana decides to play the part of the heroine. Well, we do need someone to fight.

If you will not turn, you will be destroyed!

I expected to be going around placing emitters and spore towers, while Aliana controlled the network of stuff we're used to using. Instead ...

The skies are clouded with dozens of ... things ... descending from orbit. Where did all this come from?

Also this.

I actually must applaud this. It makes sense that Aliana would have known that it was possible Skars would take this path, and prepared for that eventuality.

You are an insignificant speck beneath my notice. The Star Forge will destroy you! Oh. Wrong game. Sorry.

Only fools never doubt.

The Imperator's ticked. This would take a really, really, REALLY long time though if he actually did it.

Those last two statements are quite obvious declarations of how to proceed. I didn't grasp that initially though, having basically skimmed through the reading.

A deluge of anti-creeper soon floods the map. If she had that capability, why didn't she do it earlier ... and stop the Arc from ever being revealed? Just sayin'

I meander around the map, experimenting with the controls for a bit. Lots of missiles head my way, and I've got the Creeper Torpedoes at my disposal.

It takes concentrated fire to 'drown' one of the missile launchers in creeper and destroy it. Problem is, that makes me a sitting duck for the missiles, and the shield is almost half down by the time I take one of them out.

I take out a couple more of them, but the missiles wear down my shield too quickly.

Aliana has managed to copy the Thor's main cannons, and have a rapid-firing version of that atop the Arc. Because, of course she has.

I take out another missile launcher, but as I move on, the incoming fire takes its toll.

I'm not sorry. He/I deserve far worse.

The same Nexus explosion that we've seen already eventuates, and we get a pop-up with 'Mission Failure'. Let's try that again, the not-sucking way.

After reading again, and realizing that dodging the missiles is actually what the game is telling me to do, I eventually figure out that the launchers also do have limited range.

Here I'm in the corner, where only a few of them can reach me. I can move around this launcher and dodge their fire - none of the four missiles right now are going to hit me since they basically fire in a straight line - so doing that while shooting at a launcher far from the middle will let me destroy it while taking little if any damage. Then there's one less launcher I have to dodge.

Through this section you will see demonstrated very convincing proof as to why I LP strategy games and not arcade/FPS titles. That's not where my strengths lie, to put it mildly.

By the way, the dark line here is a circle which is the limit of my shooting range. I did better at avoiding the missiles now that I was actually trying, but had many poor choices and there were also situations like this in which I was going to get hit no matter which way I moved. Minimizing the impacts is more than enough though. I'm down significantly in the shield strength here but have taken out probably a little more than half of the outer rings of launchers.

Once those are gone, I found I was able to snipe the stations that provide Aliana her shield. Those launchers in the inner ring can't fire at me from this distance. It takes a bit to destroy anything with creeper, as they have a modest amount of health, so this part is a bit on the tedious side. Some of them were close enough to put me under attack, so a simple back-and-forth pattern was needed to avoid getting hit.

Silence! You do not speak unless spoken to.


The missile launchers here in the center no longer have the energy to arm themselves. So here I just shoot ... and shoot ... and shoot so more at the core.

It was engineered and permitted to exist for the sole purpose of gathering it's experiences and then erasing it.

"My new universe awaits."

Thar she blows. And I get the Dark Lord achievement. Along with the same Epilogue video as before, which I didn't re-record here.

Now I'm officially done with the Story missions. There are other achievements related to them as was mentioned before, but I'm not going to bother with those.