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Part 108: Coramids

Tormented Space: Coramids


Second and middle-sized of the three non-inhibitor planets in the initial system. I wax sarcastic about getting this done in a 'much faster time of like an hour'.

Still pretty big, and a lot of similar features to the first one. The main difference is the position of the ridge. I didn't even think about starting in the northeast, and I don't think that would work as well. Instead, I aim to protect the third(roughly) of the map that is west of the ridgeline. It's even a hair taller than would fit at this zoom level.

Having a Totem and two Ore Deposits nearby is nice.

Weapons up on the ridge, primarily Mortars but it was clear that wouldn't quite enough, to hold back the tide. I've also got a Forge building.

I try to stretch it out to the north, but it's clear the Creeper is winning that race thanks to the 'finger' of Digitalis up here.

It's not long before holes start appearing in the line.

I try this in an effort to keep the flood from just sweeping down through all of the western plains.

Soon afterwards, my blockade in the south is demonstrated to be insufficient. Within seconds of this, I call off this attempt. I need to be able to get more force up on the ridge, more quickly.

9:49 video. I left this in just because of how ridiculous it is - on the restart I place relays like they are collectors to start out. Why? Beats the heck out of me. Stupid is as stupid does, or somesuch. Let's uh, just forget that ever happened.

Next try, I build out a bigger net of collectors, and end up wasting some energy early. By the time I get the line of mortars up along the ridge ... well, it's too late as you can see here.

I throw up some Pulse Cannons on this side as a stopgap, which are finished JUST before they would have been destroyed by the creeper. This attempt would have ended very quickly if this happened even a couple seconds later. That doesn't change the fact that I still have a ... situation. A couple more cannons and that Sprayer coming online stabilize things though.

My next concern is making sure there are no breaks anywhere else. Primarily that means the north, where this plateau is a significant concern and also gets the Anti-Creeper treatment. The creeper will just sweep over and flank us if I don't keep it at bay there.

We seem to holding passably, though that's all it is, so I finish up the collector network basically filling everything west of the ridge with them, and then start in on Reactors here along with a Forge much later than last time.

I lost a couple relays up here and it nearly caved until I quickly added some more Cannons.

Then a bunch more down here. I want to secure the southern bit of the ridge, and push the creeper back over it. Eventually it does happen, but not until I spam a bunch more Reactors and Mortars and just take the brute-force path to it. That's several minutes of not-the-best gameplay later.

That's ... a lot of stuff just hanging out, including a Sniper to deal with the Runners. At this point I finally remembered that 'oh yeah, Berthas are a good idea' and got three of the those with even more reactors coming. I'm preparing for a real attack now, having reached that equilibrium point.

Once they were up, it didn't take too long to start eliminating emitters, starting here.

'Power Zone-Hopping' much of the way, it was a fairly smooth progression to clearing the map. Well over half an hour in at this point and it would take almost another 30 minutes, but there wasn't really anything noteworthy about the rest of it. Same basic approach as I took with the first Tormented Space incursion. A couple of times I underestimated the Digitalis -- always take more force than you need if possible is a lesson worth keeping in mind.