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by Strategic Sage

Part 110: Waternaris



This here is the inhibitor planet in S200_0, which I need to finish to get to that lovely level that LordSloth wants me to play. Lots of ridges and space, a nice change from aliancasterer.

Beginning in the north, I've got an emitter just this side of the western ridge. I put a few weapons up to hold it off, intending to let it flow down and collect in that depression west of here.

I aim to make this intersection of ridges a defensive strong-point, while pointlessly deploying that Mass Artifact a short bit afterwards just because I felt like it.

After filling out a pretty wide area with collectors and getting a Forge going, I set up a pair of Mortars here to make sure this pond doesn't ever overflow.

I spent a while getting a sizable reactor farm going, then got my usual Bertha Trio and this line of Mortars along the long eastern ridge. I may not even have needed them - it would take a long time on this big a map for the creeper to rise high enough to get over this. No good reason not to take the time to make sure of it though.

I started ramping up the mortars next, pushing towards this patch of Digitalis. There are three emitters in the southeast, along with the Inhibitor. I don't care about the south and southwest -- those emitters aren't going to cause me any serious problems and I don't plan on bothering with them.

Later, after I added more -- I have a few Reactors. And I'd build yet more of them.

So here's the goal as I approach. I went with the Shield-protected Nullifier and took out the first emitter with minimal setbacks.

Then I thought, why not just ignore those other two emitters and go straight for the Inhibitor? Well, here's one reason why not -- you need to keep a significant amount of weapons in position to hold back the Digitalis. I didn't, paid the price, and was forced to retreat. Got too cute here.

Eliminating another emitter cleared the path enough, and eventually I stormed over to inhibitor plateau and got out of here. This could have been done significantly faster, and was probably the easiest planet in the system. Nice little change-of-pace.