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Part 14: Pavo

Chapter 13: Pavo

Feast your eyes on this 'turkey', a wonderful wall of text. It seems the Commander(me) probably knows more than he's letting on. But I assure you, I don't know whatever it is I keeping secret -- but if I didn't know, how could I ... nvm. Does not compute. Moving on. But nanobot Upgrades! Those sound nice.

Pretty even mix of higher and lower elevations. And emitters. LOTS of emitters. Eight of them, guarding two of the Totems. Superb. The orange squarish things are the nanobots for the Upgrades. Which the help files say absolutely nothing about. Awesome. Makes me wonder if this concept was added late in development to spice things up.

Doom Timer: 8:31

Generally speaking, having emitters on higher elevation is not good. The creeper then rushes downhill, filling in the valleys more quickly and cutting off possible expansion areas. However, there's enough territory 'below' us that we do still have quite a bit of time. It'll be an uphill fight to get to the emitters, but this doesn't strike one immediately as being a particularly tough mission. The fact that it can get to us that quickly says a lot about just how much Creeper we have to contend with here.

It's not long before I get to the first nanobot site.

Here's the six upgrades. They all pretty much do what they say. I think the flat energy boost is clearly the best one. Unfortunately they aren't permanent -- they only last for the current mission. That means the sooner you get them, the better.

Having carpeted the starting plateau, I use relays to bridge over to the west, getting more territory before I have to start fighting. A mortar in the east to make sure things stay under control there, and blasters to clear a path up the west edge. I hope.

I go with increased fire rate for the second nanobot acquisition.

Takes some doing, but I slowly make my way towards the northwest. Eventually the ammunition requirements start to choke the economy, so naturally I place down a reactor instead of waiting for things to build. Thereby siphoning more energy away from the ammunition packets. Like night following day, this leads to the loss of another blaster(my second) and other bad things. Probably would have been better turning the mortar off periodically instead of building the reactors(or doing both?), but eventually it did work.

After more blasters bought it, I was eventually ready to start pushing up the hill(after having failed once a few minutes prior). It's interesting the progression in the learning curve here. On watching the replay and putting together this update, I kept thinking 'Speed.Modules. You have two when you need a solid four with that many blasters that far away. Enough energy but they are all almost running out of ammo'.

Once I got up there, it turned quickly as it has before. One emitter was capped right away, and after a bit of maneuvering I worked my way around to the others. Still four more to deal with and a couple more Totems, but that was routine.

We seem to be approaching another important juncture.