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Part 154: War Zone

War Zone

How exceptionally courteous. I like this author for that that reason at least.

Through the course of playing this, I discovered the following differences:

** Fewer emitters
** Probably to keep a similar difficulty with the addition of digitalis and runners
** No land bridge
** Some Artifacts of Odin and resource locations for siphons were also added.

Most of the map features are the same.

The beginning is a little tougher due to the Digitalis, as you can see here. I had to cut things short and defend a bit earlier, which is probably why this run takes a little longer than the first one. There is an aether Siphon - the northern one - which helps counteract that a bit with some early upgrades.

The same general expansion plan was followed; grab the ore, Sprayers on high ground, etc. Digitalis Cannons naturally for dealing with that stuff.

Interesting choice here, leaving a tiny 'creek' of digitalis crossing here to the east. There was no connection here on the original. That forces a single weapon to be deployed for guard duty.

Pushing to the south once again, I set up Snipers here to guard against Runners coming across. While there is no land bridge, there are a few places like this where the digitalis connects.

Just like before, I grab the 'L'-shaped high ground in the southwest, sweeping along it and knocking out the emitters there after crossing the wide swath of lower-lying territory. There's a little more variance in the terrain here and again the added digitalis but it's the same basic deal.

This is the main difference - a little more work powering through all this webbing at the bottom.

And another crossing for the digitalis to guard against. By now there are a number of SuperBerthas aiding our efforts of course.

And this one is in the middle as I wrap up control of the western landmass. Took me a bit to realize that the proper crossing point was back to the south ...

In this way, I don't even need to deploy Guppies.

Once again, the southeast holds the toughest resistance. Only a few emitters this time though, there would be no 17-at-one-blow nullifer this time. And as before, the rest of it was pretty smooth sailing, just complicated slightly by the digitalis.