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Creeper World Series

by Strategic Sage

Part 16: Canis

Chapter 15: Canis

Very brief and succinct, OPS. Are you ill? Of course there's an artifact -- how else would know where to search our eventual doom ... I mean escape to ... next?

Doom Timer: 2:19

Yeah, probably a good idea to move again. Low ground sucks. This mission didn't really much of an impression on me one way or the other; it was just kind of there.

This nearby location seemed as good as any, and netted a couple of early upgrades.

With plenty of time before the first Spore wave, I felt pretty good about myself with these two Mortars in place. All of the emitters had a place to drain, places that would not be allowed to overflow, and only a modest deficit. I could now expand at my leisure.

I'm not really sure why I felt the need to build these Blasters at this point. Some storage & speed is up, but in retrospect I probably would have been better off with some more collectors going towards the artifact in the north to expand energy income. This works though.

Eventually I do so, after capping the emitter in the southeast. Upon deciphering the Artifact, we end up with more questions than answers. What in the name of space-time is going on here ... and who the heck is Platius? The plot stinkens.

There are still two active Emitters, and three more Totems to reach though. Our work is not yet done -- the Commander's getting a bit ahead of himself.

The layout here strongly suggests a methodical, cover-the-map-in-green approach; you have to get close to all of the emitters to get the Totems. Here I've now finished up all the upgrades; only move speed remains unchosen.

Eventually the land was subdued, and it was time to follow the Commander's orders. Perhaps more of the mystery of Platius will be revealed at our next stop ...

For most of the conquest, I waited longer than I needed to before pushing forward. A couple spores almost got through, but I didn't see any actually hit. Extra energy most of the way through the mop-up. Interesting that the creeper-killing peak actually came quite early(basically immediately after getting the two mortars up).

Onward and inward, with Ix the next stop.