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Creeper World Series

by Strategic Sage

Part 17: Ix

Chapter 16: Ix

So we need bombers, and now, in order to survive. Yay for a new toy!

This is looking rather dangerous. Those calderas aren't that big, and when they fill we figure to be in some trouble.

Doom Timer: 4:42

That's deceptively long, it doesn't seem particularly quick.

Building out to the left to get the nano-schematic seems a must. We also snag an upgrade along the way(10% more energy as always for the first selection).

So it's an 'automated' weapon ... that requires manual targeting. How is that automated again? OPS however says we need it. I'm inclined to agree.

First though, let's get a bunch of Blasters up to deal with the tide of creeper already sweeping down the mountain.

With both craters full and the blaster defenses quite busy, the intrepid Commander snags the final upgrade location and gets a drone base going.

Then he brilliantly doesn't use it at all, watches as multiple collectors and a Blaster are destroyed, pondering ruefully as his plan is revealed to be inadequate. We're collapsing on the left, barely holding on the right, and the drone base still isn't operational.

It's done though! Now I can target the craters and .... oh. Just the base is done. The bomber has to charge also. Well then. Meanwhile the defenses continue to crumble, bit by bit.

Hope you didn't have any sentimental attachment to the west side of the network, because it no longer exists.

Say goodbye to more collectors and that storage facility, but the bomber is finally deployed. The question is, has it bought us more than time? An impressive display of firepower against the right-side crater to be sure.

The Blasters can't keep up with even a lessened attack from the Creeper though, and once the drone returns and starts recharging, the remaining forces distintegrate. The once-confident Commander has no real idea what to do next. And at this point, it doesn't really matter. He flails about with his mouse pointer but doesn't do anything. Including using that upgrade point that he basically totally forgot about while trying not to get every last man, woman, and child of his species who is still alive slaughtered by the creeper.

After one last spiteful bombing run, there is nothing left to do. Behold the end of days: the light of mankind has gone out of the universe. We have failed.

It's a good thing this is just a game. Shall we try again?

Started similarly but with a difference once we get an upgrade and the drone schematic. Getting a couple of these up quick is only viable because while they are expensive, they build slowly. Each one only consumes about one unit of energy per second while building, so I can still keep expanding a bit while they do so. It is probably self-evident that two of them will allow for one to target each caldera, thereby potentially keeping both of them under control and limiting the creeper that spills downwards to the plain where Odin City is. In theory, anyway.

Things still got dicey fairly quickly. By the time the drones were finished, and not-yet charged, the creeper was pouring down towards us once again. I put up a single Blaster as the bare minimum to hold them off.

By the time it was needed and started firing, the drones were on their way, one to each crater. We might not win this, but we're going to put up more of a fight this time. There was still no time to spare.

Just look at all that clear terrain as the creeper pools are eviscerated. Tell me that's not a beautiful thing. As soon as the first bombing run was halfway through, I knew we'd struck upon a recipe for victory.

Once again ignoring an available upgrade like the ignoramus I can be on occasion, I expanded the collector network with blasters at the ready just in case and the creeper threat well under control. I can basically do whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want.

For those who like such things, it was easy to set up a near-perfect grid on the plain, though I didn't bother to build much on the mountain itself.

A very double-edged mission. The first time we met with disaster. On the retry, it was quite tense until it clearly became a complete walk in the park.

Who has a pithy and intelligent Scluptor reference handy?