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Part 18: Strategy Tips

Time for the final edition of Creeper 1: The Help Files.

Strategy Tips

Can't argue with any of that.

5 and 6 are much easier to do if you are a player who pauses. I like the point on Disarming about doing so when building up a force(or building a bunch of anything). Very sensible idea.

On 9 ... I WILL NOT! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!! Ahem. You can of course play more efficiently by doing this. #8 is a good idea in limited doses. Since you can't repair weapons, they can only take so much damage. And I've yet to do #10 except using the space bar every once in a while. Might work on doing this more as we get into the 'extra stuff'. My Creeper Fu is not strong enough for that yet.

There's only one thing in the help that has not yet been seen:

Even the help files refuse to spoil everything. As you can see on the left side here, we have everything else. Odin City and 9 of 10 buildable items. The tension builds ...