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Part 180: Child's Play

Child's Play

At the end of the video here there's a bit of a teaser. The next planet ... well, it's pretty rough. Anyone who hasn't played it and is interested in a stiff, unique challenge should give Super Tower a try. In my opinion it's worth mentioning alongside Bardel, Solar Wind, Fortress Siege and the like - it's arguably as tough as any planet we've come into so far. I was going to add it on to this session, but I shelved that plan after spending several hours on it and still not quite defeating it.

Ultimately I did that later, but just a head's up if anyone's interested in it.

Our sole misadventure here though, Child's Play, is well-named.

This is your basic just go have fun map, but I think it's better-designed than most of them have been because you don't have a huge sprawling repetitive mess.

There's a bright flashing neon sign in the lower left saying LAND HERE basically. The SuperCannon ensures you have initial safety, and obviously there are Power Zones galore. Getting that first SuperReactor up will secure our energy for a while, but it would have been better to turn off the artifacts from being harvested until I had a better economy.

Amusingly, after having still just enough to hold off the initial attacks, I got too aggressive moving my weapons out. Also, you can see one of the cannons isn't actually on the power zone which is another super bad idea. So yeah, I decided to restart and forget that ever happened. If you are dumb enough, it's still possible to lose this.

Now for a more intelligent way. Artifacts deactivated till I get a couple reactors up, then a few SuperBeams. There's about 40 spores that come, 18 from one tower alone. A handful of anti-air though, and you're fine. Here I'm well on my way to an expanding wedge of security. Also worth noting that, I don't think we mentioned it before, but the PZ the Node starts on adds more than energy - it appears to give it extended connection range. That can be useful here in expanding.

SuperSnipers to deal with the runners that aren't too far away, and I'll soon add more Digitalis Cannons to clear out that mess. This SuperNullifier is knocking out a dozen at one blow - there's lots of opportunities for such mass carnage.

Grab the ore, push further - and already we're seeing cut off sections of digitalis with the usual creeper-spewing effects.

Gratuitious use of Conversion Artifacts just because I feel like it. There's close to a dozen of each kind on this map, so it's pretty much a playground to do whatever you want.

A bank of Totems in the north to supply the Forge. Berthas and a Thor just because. I've secured the western starting point, and now must smash the eastern island.

I waited some while for the artillery to have its effect, then a combination of anti-creeper and a SuperRelay connection got me in position to clear out a bit of space. Of course, pretty much every type of weapon is participating as the busyness of the screen indicates.

Another gratuitious nullifier blast secures the way. A few more minutes of smashing things and this stroll is complete.