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Creeper World Series

by Strategic Sage

Part 19: Scluptor

Chapter 17: Scluptor

OPS really should go back and look at the first attempt of our last mission. Also appears to be getting a bit overly negative here. Perhaps a mental health exam is in order.

Doom Timer: 32:41

This is exceptionally high for this late in the game -- one of the highest period, in fact -- and that's partly because the dangerous-looking emitter due south is actually a total wuss. Not only that, but it will stop completely shortly after filling up that little hole it's in. However, while it takes a long time for the Creeper to reach our central island, it won't take long for it to flood most of the usable terrain. So while this is definitely easier than our last excursion, we will have to fight to achieve more than this starting foothold. Still, the briefing is definitely overly negative.

I felt we needed a mortar right away to keep the basins under control, as well as playing against that emitter in the south. However, this would have worked better if I'd actually used that blasted upgrade to get more energy ...

Once operational, the mortar sucks up a lot of energy and I've expanded south a bit. Time for a Blaster. If that emitter down here wasn't a weakling this would never have gotten done in time.

I did eventually use the 10% energy boost, and once the south island was covered with collectors I had a decent starting network to expand from. At that point the deficit had all but disappeared.

Struck out west for the second upgrade(reduced building costs), and a second mortar to handle the two basins on that side, and then it was time to fill the mid-level terrain with collectors. I should be able to keep these pathways safe indefinitely.

When that was done we reached about 7 energy, quite a sizable supply. Time to get some more blasters going and go after the low-lying Totems.

In the usual pattern, first one emitter was capped, then another, with the process gradually accelerating as we went. Could have done this faster by building more blasters here.

This mission demands a fairly slow start, though not as slow as I did it. After that though it's really quite routine.