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Creeper World Series

by Strategic Sage

Part 27: Skuld 1-3

Skuld 1-3

Good mix of high and low ground, defensible location for the city, good amount of upgrades to deal with -- no real problems here.

An early mortar is built to spend some time hammering the right-side pool, then blasters push back on the largest plateau here. A little over 15 minutes for this mission.

This is just a little more hairy, with spores as a threat, no good high-ground location for the city, and a lot of the usable land is of medium elevation.

The deep pool in the east is a big creeper weakness if you move quickly though. Here a first mortar is set up to make it a permanent one, with another one coming in the north. Only about eight and a half minutes here, did pretty well time-wise.

No upgrades, but also no spores to deal with, and a sizable plateau to start out with. Looks like a yawner.

Here a blaster push is well underway on the west side. Took my sweet time to finish this in 13-14 minutes.