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Part 28: Skuld 4-5

Skuld 4-5

This was actually my second run at this mission, as I didn't record the first effort which ended up being two minutes and change longer.

The pit in the northwest is the most significant feature of this map, and buys me some time.

A large network can be built before fighting much, and the closest emitter in each direction can be capped without much fighting to get to them. This is just over four minutes in; just over nine was the final time.

This one's different at least. Spores are back, and it's an archipelago thing going on with a bunch of islands. Two of the totems are quite easy to claim since they are on high ground well away from the Creeper.

Moving Odin City to one of the islands, then using the three big ones as a base of operations gets things going. Then it's a matter of claiming this smaller eastern one, then the northeast corner where the final Totem is. That took longer than it needed to, but once again just over nine minutes was the time. An interesting mission I found, but not difficult.