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by Strategic Sage

Part 32: Frigg 4-5

Frigg 4-5

I thought this one was a bit interesting to play. To build a large network you need to take the low areas in the west. I thought about flying Odin City to the northwest to go for a quicker kill but I think that would probably be more frustrating.

Just two-and-a-half minutes in, and from here on it's pretty much a steady diet of holding the creeper off, then pushing it back as the network expands. Covered most of the map in green before putting a mortar up on the eastern heights to punish those emitters. 14 minutes plus here.

One of the more challenging Conquest levels so far. That southern ridge isn't easy to get to, and the lower territory in between will bring the Creeper right to us. No upgrades either.

A mortar pounds the central basin, and when the blasters push up the east side they'll clear a path to that southeast crater. From there, rolling up the emitters from east to west in a gradual sweep. Takes 18 minutes, but when it's clear the middle pair of Special Ops are unlocked.