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Part 33: Special Ops: Chess

Special Ops: Chess

The vigilant observer will note that this board is only 5x7, whereas chess is 8x8, and so on. In terms of the map itself, we have a couple more artifacts, and four emitters to deal with. No upgrades or spores. Concentrating firepower on the low-lying squares will be important. I had technical issues when recording this so I actually did this mission most of the way through several times, giving me some practice. I knew how I wanted to handle it by that time.

Doom Timer: 9:44

There's plenty of time to get going here.

The general pattern here is four collectors per square. Pushing straight for the middle of the board(everyone knows control of the centre is vital in chess) gets a mortar in place to start holding back the creeper some. That buys more time for expanding upwards and downwards.

Once all the territory has been spoken for, it's time for the drone bombers again. The lower squares aren't very deep, but enough for them to be effective. Hitting the western areas near the emitters relieves the pressure in the east, allowing blasters to clear more squares for expanding the network.

The artifacts in the middle of the map provide more notes from the developer.

Can't say that I've ever heard of this.

With four speed buildings ensuring ammunition gets to the front quickly, it's time to knock out the two nearest emitters.

Once that's done, there's no need really to worry about the last two. Pushing just a little more west gets us to the Totems, and we're done.

That went pretty smoothly, but the trial runs definitely help. Halfway through the bonus material now.