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Part 34: Special Ops: DTD

Special Ops: DTD

Dot-to-Dot? Aside from that, I got nothing here. Only small structures can fit on the high ground, and the creeper will reach us quickly. And what's up with those capsules ... surely there aren't survivors left to be found at this stage of the game. Upgrades nearby as well.

Doom Timer: 3:00

Yeah that's a pretty short leash. Looks like the deal here is to get as many collectors up as quickly as possible with minimal defenses, then expand.

That seemed to be about here. 2.5 energy collected isn't a lot, but I thought it would be enough and wanted to make sure we didn't lose any ground.

After expanding a bit more and getting some speed going, I decided that, with the situation roughly at an equilibrium, I wanted to get some reactors to help with the situation. This isn't necessary, but makes expanding a little more comfortable. Better safe than sorry after what happened at Super Tax-Man. The upgrades in the northeast were my first target; the closest pair of emitters to knock out is also that general direction. I believe this is an example of 'synergy'.

Ok, so they really are survivors. Weird. Don't seem to serve any real purpose in this mission. Odin City would get destroyed long before they'd flood these higher points, so they're never going to get killed. I think there's something going on here I don't fully get.

Blasters. Lots and lots of them. That's what this fight was about, and after the first emitter pair was brought in line I think I spent as much time moving the guns forward as not. With the super-flat terrain I really saw no reason to even consider building anything else.

Didn't cover the whole map here, but came pretty close.

This pair of Special Ops were definitely not as difficult as the previous ones IMO. Perhaps I'm being lulled into a false sense of security ...