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Part 36: Vidar Conquest, 4-5

Vidar Conquest, 4-5

Spores and no high ground to claim; won't be long until we're fighting the Creeper for space.

That fight starts here, less than two and a half minutes in as we prepare to grab the second and final upgrade. Pushing south to cap a couple of emitters from here, I eventually claimed the win in 18-minutes plus.

Don't remember which one it was, but I did another 'island' map not that long ago, and of course there was one early on in Story mode. I like them largely because they are quite different from the standard fare.

Starting in the northeast, I expanded to the other nearby islands reasonably quickly, but there was no way to get to the two Totems in the west without doing a lot more fighting. There's almost a total island wall blocking off Creeper access to the southeast, so I started there and made some mistakes but was able to push westwards fairly consistently. A little under twenty minutes for the time, and another 'Conquest pentagon' was completed.