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Part 37: Special Ops: Poison

I managed to forgetfully delete my recordings of my first time through the next pair of missions, so I replayed them. The first time was not as easy naturally.

Special Ops: Poison

This map ends up not being as imposing as it's symbol. Three emitters which clearly are going to flood the outer plain quite quickly. The crossbones form an effective protective barrier though, keeping Odin City safe initially.

Doom Timer: 7:17

A quite decent amount of time for this stage of things. Eventually creeper will leak in around the south, and it'll get produced reasonably quickly by the emitter trio on the skull.

Didn't take me long to do this even on the first attempt. Here we're about a minute and a half in. The question of course is 'now what'? You can already see the beginnings of my answer.

Drones target the 'eyes', essentially creating a diversion so I can get a foothold further up.

A few minutes later, the operation has expanded and a couple blasters are place by Odin City, beating back creeper that was ... well ... creeping around the edges there.

Once the 'nose' is seized and all three blasters sufficiently supplied, the eye emitters are neutralized and victory is near.

I didn't find this particularly difficult even on the first try, but it took almost twice as long as I fumbled about for some while to find the best way to push onto the skull.