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Part 39: Gudrun 1-3

Gudrun 1-3

Some decent relatively-high ground in our corner and a full set of upgrades make this a reasonably hospitable planet.

A fairly sizable network before the fighting starts. I take over most of the map before victory comes at 15:24.

It's quite clear what's going on here. We've got the north, Creeper's got the south, and the test will come when we try to take the ravine in the middle.

Spore attacks complicate things, I make more than my usual share of errors, and eventually just go with a bunch of reactors to produce enough energy to brute-force a path across. 27 minutes for this struggle.

The plateau in the west seems the key strategic feature here.

I have to start fighting a bit sooner than I would have preferred. A compressed push of 4-5 blasters to the northwest gets me to the plateau.

An extra screenshot here as I got a little greedy with Odin City, moving it to the front as well. It worked ... barely. The city was more than halfway destroyed. Clearly the Commander should have more fully cleared the LZ first. All's well that ends well though, and this one ended in a 14+.