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Part 40: Gudrun 4-5

Gudrun 4-5

Lots of low ground so getting a big network might be tough, but we've got a mid-sized safe plateau to claim.

2:15 in and I'm forced to start fighting already. I built three reactors, moved north avoiding the lowest terrain, and claimed the high ground in the northeast and northwest. After taking out a couple of emitters, getting to the Totems wasn't too difficult. 19 minutes here.

Spores, one upgrade, and there's really nowhere to go that's safe from the Creeper. Well, it is the last Conquest level.

The usual technique here of grabbing high, safe ground with collectors, using a mortar to pound deep areas and slow down the creeper, etc. Unfortunately, an avalanche of stupid would soon descend upon me. One of my biggest CW flaws, when I'm not particularly focused especially, is to forget about the Spores. So they came and caused some disruption.

I wasn't about to let that happen a second time on the same time. SAMs everywhere. I'D SHOW THEM!!

Classic overbuilding. The protective blasters didn't get enough ammunition, and not long after this connections were severed to most of the network. Odin City eventually perished before I could get it enough help. I lost a Conquest mission. The shame. Oh, I showed them, all right.


So I couldn't figure out a way to edit out the borders here without stretching the video way out of wack.

This is what I like to call 'the right way'. Or at least A right way. SAMs spread out, a few support structures, a reasonable amount of blasters pushing along both northern and southern ridges as the creeper is allowed to flow into the low points. You know, sensible strategy. Not the 'shoot yourself in the foot' option. Another 19-minute win, after which I got the 'Conquest King' achievement for having finished all the Conquest missions.