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Part 41: Special Ops: Air

Special Ops: Air

I think this level is more visually interesting than anything else. We've got an 'artifact' and start in a depression surrounded by a triangular 'ring' of sorts. A four-corners setup for the emitters.

Doom Timer: 9:43

So long as you don't dawdle, there's more then enough setup time. Probably because there's less space to fill, the east side will flood first.

'Platius' returns and steps out of character a bit.

As shown here, covering the entire island in collectors can be achieved well before running out of time. Soon the three mortars proved enough to keep the Creeper at bay, and it became only a question of how to best attack.

A few blasters would start things off, supported by my single biggest simultaneous reactor investment. The idea of building them all at once was simply to get most of the energy going here and not to the mortars.

The resulting income was enough to make a push off the south end. From here, I intended to bottle up the southwest approach of the creeper, and push to the southeast, taking out one of the closer emitters.

That went smoothly, and I cut off the northern passage, leaving the northeast emitter isolated. Frankly, it's already been over for a while at this point and there's not a great deal more to see.

The last emitter, in the northwest, took some time to get to as there isn't any land especially close ... but overwhelming firepower made it just a matter of technique.