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Part 45: Day 3: Taurus

Day 3: Taurus

Every mission has been the 'Obliteration' type so far, although it's early yet. Taurus is also our first re-visited planet, as it was the 2nd one in the original Creeper World.

Wow ... 'oops' doesn't seem to quite cover this level of fail. I hope we don't mind finding a new career in typewriter maintenance.

Ahh, a new toy.

Good luck with that.

The Commander doesn't seem to be overly concerned with what his superiors think, though it seem more audacity than bravery in this case.

Here's the starting situation. A few beacons, a dozen reactors, and an Ore Rig even already in place. To add a little more specifics on the Tech Domes, they start at 10 Energy to build and each one costs 5 more than the previous one(so 15 for the second, 20 for the third, and so on). They also require regular re-supply packets much like the Beacons do.

Just over a half-minute in, this Creeper 'lake' on the right side eats its way through some terrain and starts flowing downwards. It's made a hole for us to do so as well. One Tech Dome is up and on the left side there we can see some nice juicy ore deposits. We get about 0.02 TechNytes/second now, so this isn't a fast process. But it's decidedly better than zero.

This is hard to see because it's darkened and out of beacon range, but there is an emitter on each side further down and the creeper looks like it will keep eating its way down towards it. Still, this is another mission where there is virtually no danger. The Creeper would have to produce unmolested for an extremely long time to fill up enough to threaten us.

The first thing I do is send a trio of Blasters down after the creeper, but before I can get it all it has eaten through more ground and falls down into the lowest chamber. I'll need Beacons in order to follow it.

While the beacons get built, I take a look at the Techs screen for the first time. The first game had six different possibilities; there are 11 here, each of which can be upgraded multiple times. The three blue ones are highlighted at the top because those are the ones I have enough Technytes to research at the moment -- a whole 3 of them. I reasonably sensibly get a packet speed increase to feed the Blasters faster.

The blasters then proceed down and to the right, clearing out enough creeper quickly to get the first Nullifier in place.

The process is then repeated on the left side, but I do get a bit of a surprise here when the creeper over there 'overflows'. Packets can't pass through areas where the creeper is, so this blaster gets trapped without ammunition. Fortunately there isn't enough of it to do much damage and soon matters are wrapped up. Didn't even do anything with the ore, because it frankly didn't seem worth the effort here.

Two Emitters this time instead of one, and more examples of decayable terrain. Aside from that, Taurus wasn't much different from Far York. It seems the main purpose of this was to learn about Tech Domes and Technytes.