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Part 49: Day 6: Chaos

Day 6: Chaos

Hey look -- it's another Obliteration game. First Act may be over, but we're still doing the same objectives. At this point I start wondering why the Game Type is even listed if they are all the same. That will change eventually, but it'll be a good long time until it does.

Hale hasn't lost his sense of duty or appreciation for the consquences of violating the proper command chains.

That sounds decidedly not good for the NHA. Shocking that everything isn't as rosy as initially projected. Absolutely shocking, I tell you.

Situation problematic, as Mordin Solus might say.

The Liberation Ship is situated above a valley, with Creeper flowing in from either side. It appears there are no emitters there so we just wait for the flow. Meanwhile we have lots of toys waiting below. Looks like plenty of ore, along the Remnants, Crystals, a HoloCube ... and what's that thing just to the right of it? Also the vigilant observer will notice, as I did not at first, that there is decayable ground above a couple of underground caverns. The creeper will eat through that, and will not trouble us afterwards. For now though we've just got to wait for it to do it's thing.

I tried setting up a Reactor and a Blaster before the middle section was overwhelmed. Not even close, both were quickly destroyed.

I put up a Blaster in the air above the valley, at least making use of the energy I do have to incinerate a bit of creeper. Here's what it looks like down below, though it's of course quite hard to see due to us not having any operational coverage down this far. Two emitters and a path of more decaying terrain leading outwards and down from them. The Creeper is going to work its way downward clearly, which should make this mission a breeze. Much better than what Colony Prime is facing, to say the least. There is virtually no risk of defeat here.

A few reactors and a beacon are thrown up, and I move the Blaster down below the HoloCube so it can start firing at the creeper that those emitters are piling up. Meanwhile harvesting that HoloCube seems a reasonably priority.

I think the answer starts with a 'P'.

In Creeper World, the laws of physics are guidelines more than actual rules.

At least we now understand the new 'laws of physics' and how to get back into Rift Space though. It's a start. After building some new reactors, mostly on the sides of the valley where we can't excavate anyway, I manage to activate the thing next to the HoloCube. Turns out to be a tech Schematic.

The Second Act of the original brought us the Mortar. At the same point in the sequel we get the Launcher, which serves basically the same function.

Ding Ding Ding!

I start excavating right and left for the artifact 'goodies', to get to the ore deposits, and also I get a first Launcher up just because.

Here's a representative standard Launcher attack, penetrating a ways downward and creating a nice little shockwave with a nice little hole in the Creeper ... though it's filled so fast that you can't actually see the gap in normal gameplay speeds.

A few minutes later, the first two emitters are gone. Ore Rigs are in place on the deposits, and I've got a couple more blasters up with a Maker on the way. The first line of defense has been terminated.

Those paths around the side are narrow, so a couple of makers do their thing and I excavate a path through the middle for the growing group of weapons platforms to utilize.

This push accelerates once we break out into the main lower chamber. Soon afterwards, the creeper is in full retreat, and victory is nigh.

This has a pretty smooth rise and somewhat sharper decline in Creeper coverage. Once I deployed the Makers and starting going after it, we made pretty quick work of things.