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Part 50: Day 7: Lost

Day 7: Lost

I think we'd be better off if the Rift Engine automatically put us, like, a mile up in the atmosphere at a minimum or whatever. It's a good thing it can apparently tell the difference between empty space and the crust of the planet, cause that could be painful. At any rate, this whole subterranean thing is weird. Reminds me of that line from the first Halo game about an aerial underground invasion being the last thing the Covenant would expect.

We are safe here though. There is no decayable terrain. Still, try and tell me that it doesn't look weird having the Liberation Ship deploy in an underground cavern like this.

Up above, it's apparently quite a mountainous surface, with a HoloCube between two emitters. And the Creeper's going to break through here and head underground. Not all the way down to us, but we'll have to cede the high ground and advantadge of gravity to the enemy here.

In the first two minutes I do this; a few tech domes, couple of beacons, a nice set of reactors and I start grabbing the goodies. Basically just getting some infrastructure going before we start fighting.

When I breach the upper chamber and get some blasters going, they are finished just in time as you can see here. We have company.

Taking out the relatively small amounts of 'overflow' Creeper isn't too big of a deal, but then I'm faced with this narrow chokepoint passage, and a more concentrated pool on the other side.

After clogging the passage with weapons, the launcher in front to hit some of the deep areas, it can be seen that this is going to be probably the toughest fighting. Clearing out this chamber and pushing up against the primary flow from the emitters up top will take a bit of time.

Once the denser areas were thinned out down in our immediate vicinity, the blasters could move in. A couple of them took a bit of damage, but not much as they were soon able to push back the enemy due to how sparse it was. Meanwhile I found no use for anti-creeper given that it would just sort of sit at the bottom if anything.

Then it was time for the last real strategic advantadge the creeper possessed; another narrow passage upwards. Bracketing it with two launchers this time and blasters in between to keep the onrushing tide at bay, I used the same basic idea of thinning things out first.

After crawling blasters upwards, then moving into the larger opening above, we essentially split the Creeper into two parts. The hardest part was done and it was now cleanup time.

The Holocube speaks! Or rather, it doesn't.

To keep everything firing I added about a dozen reactors at two different points. Here, after getting the useless holocube non-information, one emitter is gone and we push left through a sizable concentration of Creeper on the surface. Just a matter of time though, as we've got plenty of firepower to overwhelm the lone remaining emitter.

I also boost packet tech speed up most of the way to help with the energy supply.

The 'uphill' fight added a bit more challenge but not a while lot. Aside from that, not a whole lot went on here aside from teasing the idea of subterranean starting positions. That's something we'll be seeing a lot more of.