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Part 53: Day 10: The Experiment

Day 10: The Experiment

Obliteration. For the 10th time. Out of 10.

What good does it do to have me look if I'm not going to believe it? Oh, never mind ...

Those pesky 'laws of physics' just won't stop malfunctioning ...

In other words, not only possible but bordering on commonplace. Barely unusual at the most.

Some goodies at or near the surface, and ore deposits -- but look closely at the sides of our current operational range. Decayable terrain, and the creeper is moving up. Quickly.

I not only ignore that impending threat, but build reactors on all the raised sections -- including the ones I need to excavate to get the energy crystals. Once I realize what I've done, I proclaim "That was pretty stupid". Yes. Yes, it was.

When the creeper erupts onto the the surface, half of the remaining reactors go kaput. A couple of hastily built blasters keep it at bay, and there is a limited amount of it. This is no disaster, it just would have been a lot better to centralize the reactors and build blasters on the side where the attack was clearly coming from.

I build a few more reactors in the middle and more blasters on the side to clear out the creeper more quickly. And then take a look at this below. Creeper below and to the sides is funneling up into a central square in the middle of the cavern. Physics are officially on vacation, if not outlawed entirely. Or ... "that's messed up."

The surface is now secured and a whole bunch of excavation has been done. My plan is to ignore the central chamber at first and cut off the enemy at it's source, tunneling down on each side to attack the emitters. Anti-creeper seems to be the thing for this job.

Two makers pump into the emitter chamber on the left; the right side is set up to do the exact same thing. I don't even need to bring conventional weapons platforms down here: the torrent soon dominates the emitters, and a pair of Nullifiers are deployed to finish them off.

Now the remaining concentration in the central cavern is all that remains to deal with. I've only got a trio of blasters at the moment.

The extensive gravitational forces have concentrated a lot of it in a small area, so while the surrounding tendrils or whatever are cleared pretty quickly, this takes longer. It's on the order of about 10 million density.

The same forces bring anti-creeper up from below, and I also re-deploy the Makers to assist in finishing things off.

We've now reached the midpoint of the main 'campaign'. Much gravity manipulation and other surprises remain. This is the point at which there was a big difficulty spike in the first story(at Tucana). Let's see if the same is in store again.