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Part 64: Bonus 1: Positronic

Bonus 1: Positronic

Briefings, and the levels in general, are decidedly more brief in the bonus section than they were in later stages of the Story mode.

There's really no immediate danger here. Room to build up a decent set of reactors and decide where we want to go in digging down.

There is all manner of decayable terrain here, specials of all varieties, a drone-bearing Gateway and a trio of fairly strong emitters(one further down). So this isn't a total pushover level like the early stages of the Story, but it's definitely not one that should prove too difficult either.

Most of the surface and another shelf here is covered with reactors, I get ore rigs up, etc. -- and you can see I made a serious brain fart on the excavation here. I meant to leave a row in between what I was digging out and the first creeper chamber, but did not.

Thankfully they are wimpy drones, or the damage would not have been so limited. Once finished, I put the blasters and a few makers down the central shaft, gradually pushing back against the territory lost here.

With a good set of TechDomes up and a couple of Launchers, I was ready to start attacking in earnest.

Here goes the first Emitter; one more chamber to go with two more of them.

I'm sure I could have done this better by opening up multiple fronts to use the anti-creeper, but I decided to just push down on the left where the emitters are.

I had more than enough firepower, and after this it was a simple matter of pushing off to the right and clearing out the rest of the pool.

A tame yawner to be frank, even with some pretty large mistakes it wasn't any threat. But CW2 is perhaps just giving me an easy warmup or two.