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Part 69: Bonus 6: Odyssey

Bonus 6: Odyssey

Humanity's latest hero is getting pretty darned cocky here.

We're at the bottom of this map, but that really doesn't matter much, because ...

Gravity is no longer a thing. 'Shattered remains of a world' indeed, although I misspeak and say 'star'. It'll be a bit before I begin to grasp the implications, but basically we can build in any direction. Don't ask me how everything works just as well in zero-G as it does on all the other planets we've visited ... or, come, to think of it, why all the planets had exactly the same gravity(1G). We will just accept and move on.

** Doom Timer: 3:07

This is because of the Phantoms that are going to be released in a little under two minutes. Usually they explode into a cloud of creeper which then falls down into a pool. There is no 'falling down' here though in the vacuum of space, so it tends to just stay wherever it is. Which means it just attacks the Liberation Ship continually and destroys it. That's a bad thing.

Messing around with things I overbuild, we've got Phantoms incoming, and I've got no energy - so I decide to just go again now that I have a vague clue and get off to a better start.

About five and a half minutes in here. There's a gateway that I think just starts spewing these drones at the 5-minute mark. Good start I think and I'd just started building weapons to go on the attack. The timing was good for me from that standpoint, but now obviously efforts will need to shift to guarding against these dorks. They take out a few reactors but nothing that a bit of damage control can't handle.

The lower-right ... I don't know, asteroid?!? ... is an assault on the eyes as is the backdrop. I've got reactors every darned surface I can find. I double the Blasters to give myself four on each side, then start pushing 'up'.

I didn't immediately realize the mechanic here but apparently each asteroid(for lack of a better term) has enough gravity to attract nearby creeper -- but only up to a limited distance. That's why it is all collecting on the surface here, so it's basically a matter of moving around the asteroid, clearing out resistance, then claiming what's there and progressing further.

Bad things happen when you are mining ore and the phantoms show up unexpected(although they really shouldn't have been). With land spaced out like this, beacon placement also becomes particularly important, and Beacon Range is more vital on this map than most.

The emitter here is very weak and no big concern, but that Gateway at the very top is the one sending drones at us. That's more important. I'm also taking my sweet time, largely because I haven't built enough weapons.

Here's the stronghold of this level, as it were. You can see the weak creeper amounts streaming between the asteroids, and this is one of those 'one narrow way in' deals. Have to excavate on the right and once we do, a bunch of drones will be released.

While clearing out the perimeter, I test with one of four Makers. A 10% burst here. Although it doesn't look it, the anti-creeper on the surface is more(and much smaller in area) than the cloud that 'escaped'. So I definitely want to be close to the surface with these things.

One of the very few times when I've been able to match the creeper with anti-creeper. Density is almost 350k for me, a little under 300k for the interior. So all I should really have to worry about here is the drone rush.

They don't get any closer than this.

The Anti-creeper pushes into the chamber, and it's cleanup time.

The energy gap is rather painful to observe, and this is one I could do a lot faster I'm sure.