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Part 74: Bonus ??: Credits

Bonus Extra: Credits

Thanks to whoever it was who pointed this out; I wouldn't have found it otherwhise

The menu hints at it by giving you this mouseover score thingy.

Got a chuckle out of this; CW2 is so obsessed with Obliteration that it even implies we should destroy the credits themselves.

Here we are. No area beyond this to explore. No blathering on from the characters in the CW2 Story. We have an emitter, a gateway, some artifacts ... and a Holocube?!? And in true screw-it-up fashion, I got distracted by all kinds of shiny things and didn't notice the two-minute Incoming Phantoms countdown timer. In fact I really did lots of stupid things here. Prepare yourself for the pain.

It would be hilarious if I lost the credits mission, but that's impossible unless you try(i.e., moving the Liberation Ship directly into harm's way). So no Doom Timer here.

It 'rains creeper' or whatever the heck you call this just a few seconds in.

A few things going on here; an amusing moment from the credits on the right, gravity weirdness makes the just-arrived Creeper spell out 'Creeper World 2', and drones are eating away at the message 'Another cool game by Knuckle Cracker' in the enclosed area, which is spelled out in anti-creeper. Meanwhile I'm grabbing up the energy crystals.

One last bit of 'briefing text'.

Because my brain is apparently on vacation, I decide to build a bunch of weapons. Wouldn't want to get an economic base with some reactors or put up any defensive phantom coils. That would make too much sense.

I do get a couple of reactor rows up, which doesn't matter a whole lot when the Phantoms strike and take out half of them. Also like this part of the credits. It's taken just over two minutes to make it through all of them. There'll be plenty of time to see anything we missed.

"It's just ... STUPID. This is how not to play Creeper World 2. That's what this is right now."

I was rather annoyed with myself, in case you can't tell.

Here's me mass-building makers, leading to a deficit, leading to my blockade at the right side of the credits window getting flooded, overwhelmed, and eventually completely destroyed.

A while later. Now I'm doing something vaguely sensible. Reactors everywhere I can, a few blasters to deal with the right side, concentrated push up the middle of the screen(left here) otherwhise, the most open area to attack in.

After making some room at the top, I send the makers up and we've got competing forces trying to spell 'World'. Insert joke here.

After taking out that lone emitter, I head back left to handle the 'Cree' and what remains of the AC message.

The usual tactics here; massed blasters at the entrance to deal with the drone rush, then gradually move in and close on the objective.

I think this is the only game I've ever played in which I can say that I beat the Credits. So whatever that's worth, it just happened.