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Part 77: Custom: Creeper Falls

Creeper Falls(Master of the Creeper 6)

** Likes: 137
** Dislikes: 12
** Average Time: 31:33. Somebody did it in less than two. I want to know how ... but then again, maybe I don't. Definitely isn't the way I did it.

We only need the HoloCubes. That's important to remember.

First time we've heard from the trusty Lieutenant in a while.

Normal gravity. All build directions are allowed. The 'AntiCreeperShip' isn't much of a ship. It will never move. It's more a couple of AC 'engines' at the back that fill up the shape of a ship, with anti-creeper projectiles shooting at the waterfall that separates us from our destination. That one HoloCube on the right is the only one. All we need to do is get to it.

The top of the waterfall. Comes in from the right, and gradually works it's way to over to where it falls straight down. Creeperfall. Whatevs.

At the bottom there's a lake. I was initially worried about it overflowing, but it never will. That whole left side that I'm in right now is completely impervious. The creeper is barred from going over there because level design reasons. The lake though is several million in density, and we're in limited-weapons territory here just like in strange fields. Taking that mass out is completely a non-option. So I build a couple of reactors on the near shore since it's the only place I can do so.

I then notice that our AC ship appears to be winning. I don't yet have a way through the waterfall, but that could be coming. Ok, so that's my way over then.

I get a couple blasters in place to help a bit, then when it breaks open I start building reactors over there.

I start digging in to give myself more room ... but the AC collapses and I'm cut off. Well that sucks. Soon, despite the 'ship''s best efforts, everything I built over there is destroyed. I fly the ship up top to take a look. Takes a bit to be conclusive, but the part where it comes onto the map is over 5M density, more like just 1M when the waterfall turns downward and actually falls. In other words, the flow is increasing. So there's only a window of opportunity to get through the waterfall. I decide to use that window on my next attempt.

While waiting for my 'bridge' to form, I cut into the terrain below and build more reactors.

Having cut my way through to the right-side cavern here, I've got a long tunnel filled with reactors, maximum blasters with shields up, and creeper's starting to come into the cave. I've got to head upwards.

Which does me no good, as that drone marches straight through my shielding and, though weakened, blows up my Liberation Ship. FAIL. It's a nice, snazzy 128-HP model. With only five blasters available to me. Super-great.

Third attempt. 7:53 mission timer, 17:38 video. Here I'm ignoring the fake-out of the temporary gap in the waterfall, and just digging under everything and using microrifts to get the packets there faster. This way all the Creeper falls into the lake and I never have to deal with it. I can take my sweet time getting ready to do whatever it is I need to do.

If you can't beat 'em, bypass 'em. This level's version of SuperDrone can just sit there doing whatever. After upgrading the fire rate and using shields as protection, the next chamber(4 12-HP drones) is handled. I get down to a couple blasters at one point moving in close enough to nullify the gateway, but it gets done.

About 10 standard drones guard the holocube. They take out some of my shielding, but it serves the purpose enough to let me take them down.

What's this?? I finished it in less than half of the average time(yeah, on my third try, but still). Could have done it quite a bit faster also. Don't worry, this probably won't become a pattern. I forsee many epic fails coming on the last couple of custom levels most likely. I'm honestly a bit squeamish about diving into those. At any rate, this one reminded me of the 'commando' style levels from old-schoolish RTS games like Command & Conquer or Starcraft; the ones where you just need to avoid the enemy and hit a specific objective, and not worry about smashing every stronghold you run into. Definitely a fairly unique kind of level for this game, though it wasn't overwhelming impressive or anything to me.