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Creeper World Series

by Strategic Sage

Part 81: Carcere


I pronounce the name of this world several different ways. All of them badly.

But where they failed, you will ... fail in a different way?!? A more humiliating and painful one, no doubt.

At least in this briefing, we are never given any reason why this is the case. It doesn't destroy any terrain, or any friendly units, only the enemies. I would have preferred some kind of reason to be made up for this.

In other words, let's change the subject quickly.

It seems sensible to me to present a 'map overview' at the start of each planetary ... not really scrub, but whatever. Keeping them at 900 px means a certain amount of shrinking. The warp inhibitor is that red thing in the southwest, encircling one of two weak emitters. For completely ignored and unexplained reasons, we have some collectors nearby to our location in the opposite corner. And something else ...

The vigilant observer with a good memory will note that so far this is very nearly a copy of the second mission from the original game, which had you discovering a relay schematic as well.

I don't think they doubled packet speed in the original. I think this is a good change; it gives you more reasons to build relays instead of collectors.

Let's all cringe at what I just did here. The collector with the red square around it is supposed to connect up the last group that aren't in the network ... except it doesn't. There's no connection over there. And I never noticed. Go me. At any case, at this point I decide to do the clearly-intended island-hopping across the grey formations.

This persistent reminder text also indicates that we are very much still in tutorial mode.

I decide there's no real point in fighting the creeper, due to the weakness of the emitters. Just go for the kill.

As promised, blowing the warp inhibitor does take out everything, as the upper-left explosion shows. This was a super-quick operation, less than four minutes even with my blathering about, and only a six-minute video.

Along with the usual 'you beat a mission!' achievements, I also get Focused(win a mission by destroying only the Inhibitor). Which tells you I beat around the bush a lot more when I did this the first time.

This will function as the preview of coming attractions.