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Creeper World Series

by Strategic Sage

Part 86: Ormos



We'll just zip over to the opposite side of the Navox star to the other planet on the innermost orbit, Ormos.

Umm, if it's a 'constant', doesn't that mean it can't be altered? Oh yeah, this is Creeper World, laws of physics are just guidelines and all that.

The creeper immediately bursts from the edges of the map here, even before we do anything. It appears that what we've got here is your basic moat and a damaged castle inside it. That's where we are intended to make our stand.

We learn a bit more about Siphons as we grab that tech artifact. Each of the pentagon-shaped crystals has 75 energy. I eventually discovered that these behave much like the artifacts did in CW2; the siphons will only activate if you exceed your available energy reserve.

On the right side of the 'castle' is the Terp Artifact, followed by instructions to use them immediately.

Here's a Terp in action on the southwest corner, filling in a gap in the wall.

To make it work, we just select a Brush Size and Terrain Height setting from the control panel here on the bottom, and then click where we want to change the elevation to these settings.

I get most of the wall gaps filled in time, but not here on the west. I need a few weapons to clear out the encroaching Creeper.

Once everything is filled in, a couple mortars will suffice to keep the creeper at bay.

It gets a little interesting crossing the moat, but nothing more firepower can't fix. It's time to push on towards the shield key and get out of here. This proves to be a routine operation.