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Part 87: Seedet



The third planet in the third system we've visited so far.

These 'Seloi' make for an interesting and I suspect ultimately essential part of the tale ... but once again Lia does not directly answer the question. I'm becoming very suspicious of her/they/it.

Let me guess, it was to die horribly so that the next generation could rise and do the same.

The plot thickens. Clearly the Seloi's 'Arc', whatever it is, was important enough to concern even the Loki. I'm wondering just now if we'll ever find out what happened to Thrade's insurrection ...

This has a similar theme used in CW1 with need to control the craters, but in actuality the warning is overblown. The volcano emitters are 12 per second ... but the main one produces enough to equal a full dozen of them, 25 creeper per 0.17s.

This also seems a good time to mention that the Doom Timre doesn't appear that it will be a thing anymore, at least for this iteration of Creeper World. I let the whole map flood(it took almost an hour to get it all, the last part being that walled-in area where the schematic is), but there is no auto-loss trigger. Which makes sense since nothing forces you to deploy the command node ... unless of course you actually want to play and win the mission.

I began in the best defensible position in the southeast ruins. Partial walls and an elevated spot. This mission puts somewhat more immediate pressure on you than the previous ones. It's more tricky to fill in the gaps in the walls and get the new Strafers going as instructed before being overrun.

My first idea was to get walls up right away. I didn't have time; here I've got the Strafer and the instructions for it, but have lost a collector and an under-construction Terp. Takes about a minute and a half for the creeper to start making its way in between the walls.

But hey, air power is now a thing again!

I worked on filling in the gaps with a terp, with a couple of pulse cannons filling defensive roles, while also getting the first couple of Strafer pads up. Quite similar to the Drones from CW1 all things considered. I generally like the line-targeting anyway, but the oblong craters seem to fit that better.

I added a mortar to be darn sure the levels of Creeper didn't get too excessive, added more Strafers so I'd get the four that Lia recommended, and started moving around the perimeter filling in more gaps in our position.

It was not the smoothest operation ever, but there were minimal casualties(one pulse cannon I think, which I'm still calling blasters on occasion - old habits die hard). I've got raised plateaus or walls everywhere here, no low ground for anything to get through, and a similar situation below. The aircraft have the volcanoes under control as well.

There's a single Ore Deposit in the northwest, and once that's been acquired I deploy a sprayer and a couple weapons on a good plateau up that way. I think I'm ready to start attacking.

A mass of pulse cannons with a couple of mortars in support seems to be my strategy of choice most of the time.

I opt for a PowerSprayer right in the middle of the map. With the strafers handling the volcanoes, we should be able to clean this out quickly.

The only thing left to do is relay my way over to the volcanoes and the shield keys. There's two of them; one for Tiplex, and one for Flick, the remaining planets in this system. Now I presume I'll need to use all the recently-acquired toys to take those down. We have nothing yet in the Titans tab(2 locked), Orbital still only has Command Node(2 more locked as well), but the Weapons and Structures areas are starting to fill in nicely.