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Part 95: Mistet



Onwards to our final forced system; Frykt it is.

Only three planets here, and we have access to only one at start. It would seem we have a forced of path of Mistet, then Crosslaw, and Vapen for the inhibitor at the end.

I'm beginning to think Lia is the one comprised of utter nonsense ...

Seems that 'gel maintenance' is destined to remain a running joke here.

We have an actual circular planet. With something orbiting it. Ruins of a fortification, and even another message. This looks interesting.

This is some particularly lame hogwash IMO, since this special ability will persist beyond this mission and the proto-magnestar.

So ... by attempting to open a portal to a realm that was destroyed, we accidentally connect to something else, useful and previously unknown or at least completely undiscussed. And this immense gravity is caused by ... what, exactly? We're not at all worried that the source of it will come through this 'Singularity'?

*slams forehead on desk, repeatedly*

Naturally I go for the high ground in the middle and get some Beams going ASAP this time. Next I wanted more energy, and also a Terp to flatten out some of this plateau. We've got some ore as well which should prove handy. That starts off well ...

But the tide starts coming in sooner than I thought. Cannons for defending our perimeter, if you please. Of course the gimmick for this mission as mentioned is that the creeper will ever be shifting with the orbit of the magnestar, so it won't attack for long from any one direction. This both helps and hurts us, but we'll have to be on our toes.

I alternate adding cannons and building more reactors for a bit; the amount of creeper continues to increase, and the tide becomes more and more of a threat. More stuff gets blown up and then replaced, but I'm making progress. I discover that the Berthas have been added as the second of the three Titan structures(first one being the Forge, which I also add here of course), and I decide to build them to hit back. They are not cheap; 250 energy each, or several times as much as a reactor, more than twice a forge. But I saw enough of them in the last mission to know they are worth it. The Terp's job is complete, so there's plenty of room for them.

Naturally I get an achievement for building them, like with just about every unit.

There are three emitters, so three berthas and eventually three sprayers as well, one pointed at each; north, southwest, and southeast. This way we'll have a bit of an extra barrier against the incursions, and eventually wear down the amount of creeper available. I target one of the big guns on each emitter once they are finished.

Here's the latest Forge panel. The Singularity slider changes the power of the singularity to be created; the stronger it is, the more aether is required. As we can see here, 58 isn't enough to fully power it. At the moment I'm more concerned with just getting some general upgrades in.

Time to go on the attack. At first I try to attack when the magnestar is opposite the direction I'm going, so that it's sucking all the creeper away from the target at hand. Before long though I just decide to heck with it and brute-force things.

The north emitter is the first to go. Nothing fancy here, just a bunch of cannons to clear the way as the berthas do the heavy lifting.

I definitely want to leave a SuperCannon out here as a welcome mat for when the creeper shifts back this way.

Then I try out the singularity. I've got enough aether saved up; I get the Hawking achievement for using it. It appears to use up all of the aether you have available above whatever the required minimum is; in any case here I had 270 and it used all of it. Yellow beams stream out from all Totems at the target location.

It sucks all of the creeper in a sizable radius around it into the portal for as long as the effect lasts. Pretty cool, but I'd honestly just fire a bertha or two and save the aether for other upgrades I think. Taking out this southeast emitter gets us a shield key for Crosslaw, which is what we came here for. Then I work my way around the perimeter to take out the spore towers. The final emitter, in the southwest, reveals an artifact/message:

For dooming them to be slaughtered by the creeper? I'm not so sure about that.

Not enough that she basically walked on water during CW2 itself ...

Clearly Lia has no intention of answering. I have a bad feeling here - that where this is going is Aliana somehow had her consciousness transferred into the ship. I.e., Lia = Aliana Abraxis. I want to be wrong ... but this is Creeper World, so I'm probably not. The game doesn't tell us, though I assume it will eventually.

Our work on Mistet is done, so it's on to the next planet as our journey continues.