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Part 96: Crosslaw



I may have mentioned it before, but I seriously think we'd be better off if humanity was wiped out before inventing all of these technological advancements that the Creeper keeps corrupting.

The emitters here, though there are several of them, aren't that strong; some at 20 per half-second, some at 40 per half-second. That's not rough at all at this stage of things.

That top command node might have been placed a little too aggressively. I'm basically trying to create a network to cut off the creeper from moving further east. There are only two emitters on this side of the chasm - the southwest can wait until I've pacified the immediate vicinity. I lost a cannon or two in the north while getting reactors and beams up, and the command node even started taking some damage, but it eventually worked.

Here I'm doing fine in terms of securing the immediate territory, with a Forge safely further east.

Soon I've got the nearby emitter nullified, although this one in the northwest was a bit trickier due to the uneven terrain.

Once that one went, there was no more danger at all, really. I threw a Bertha on one of the zones just to see what would happen(as Faylone recently described).

I already had a SuperMortar targeting this area a bit, but this was definitely quite a nice discovery. That's a heck of a way to clear an LZ ... or anything else you might want to clear. It wasn't long before I got a second one going on another power zone that was too remote to be useful for anything else.

Aided by their firepower, the crossing over to the southwest landmass was simple. It was clearly a mop-up operation now. That's a lot of Creeper -- but it wouldn't last long.

Approaching the final hill, it was again the slopes in the terrain that caused the most trouble, making properly positioning a bit tricky. There was still the matter of that artifact message:

Whatever you say, Morpheus.

Leave it to Lia to make an obvious change of subject and avoid the issue. It's not at all surprising that Thrade ultimately did not complete the insurrection given where we are and how much time has passed. More cryptic clues about the importance of the Arc, and more evidence that we are being trolled. But how? Why?? Apparently we will not find the answers to those questions on Crosslaw.

The shield key to Vapen was acquired, so it's onwards to another Inhibitor planet. There were still a couple things to take out here, but a power zone nullifier handled most of that work.