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Crusader Kings 2

by Thanqol

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Original Thread: Flamboyant Schemers: Let's Play Crusader Kings 2!



Something is rotten in the state of Denmark...


Crusader Kings 2 is an excellent game made by Paradox: Interactive about the scheming and backstabbing politics of a medieval court. There have been a fair few LPs of it recently; for an understanding of the game mechanics and game foundations I direct you here. This game is going to get straight into the scheming and narrative without much discussion of the game mechanics behind it.


While other Crusader Kings 2 Let's Plays have dealt with the trials and triumphs of Kings, Dukes and Emperors, Flamboyant Schemers concerns itself with the lowest of the low. We will be playing as Count Skjalm of Fyn. Count Skjalm rules a single, tiny, undeveloped insignificant province in the tiny, insignificant kingdom of Denmark. He has no titles, honour, prestige or political power to speak of. Moreover, Denmark is ruled by the disgustingly prolific Yngling dynasty, which starts the game with dozens of children and a stranglehold over the entire country so there's virtually no chance to murder our way into the throne.

Instead of grand conquest, this game is going to be concerned with the petty, self-important bullshit of a nobody in the middle of nowhere.


This game will be run using CK2+ 1.33.15 by Wiz and all the presently available DLC.

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