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Part 24: Integrating Egypt 1352 - 1374

The lords of the British Isles resistant to our rule from half a world away. They attempt to gain their independence or to claim kingdom titles from us quite frequently, but thankfully not all simultaneously like during our succession.

The more ambitious rebels are kept locked in our dungeons for extended periods, but the others who simply had uncommon lapses in judgement are allowed to return home free and with a higher opinion of us.

King Gilla-Coluim attempts to ingratiate himself with the people of Egypt by arranging yearly festivals.

He also attempts to spend as much time with his vassals as he can with hunting events and grand feasts.

During a Grant Hunt outside of Cairo, King Gilla-Coluim has a chance encounter with a majestic white stag. Knowing that Egyptian stags are a rare creature, he spares its life.

Feasts keep our vassals happy. This is especially important now, when we're having so much trouble with our distant vassals back home.

While preparing for the latest grand feast, one of our courtiers suggests that we hire a magician to perform tricks for our guests. King Gilla-Coluim is amazed by the conjurer's tricks and demands to know what the man would require as payment to entertain for his feast. The conjurer says, "25.14 gold."

We invite a relative from Asia to join our court.

Cormac Aguchuovich Ua Briain is one of the Mongolian Ua Briains. He brings his amazingly fabulous helmet and Turkish wife with him to stay with us in Cairo.

Our vassals in Ireland, England, and Scotland all continue to be thorns in our side, but we still need them.

The young King of Syria attempts to gain independence from the Shia Caliph, and we take the opportunity to seize the Duchy of Damascus from him.

Our first son comes of age as we gather troops for the war. Prince Brian of Egypt has much in common with some of Ireland's greatest rulers - his defining characteristics are his virtuous nature and his popularity among the lords of the realm.

The war against Syria proves that we don't necessarily need aid from our homeland anymore. The war against Syria is won with the armies of Jerusalem and holy order knights.

We still need to wait for this religious tension to fade before the de jure lands of the Kingdom of Egypt can offer much in terms of either income or manpower.

With Damascus under our control, we turn our attention to our western neighbor, the King of Africa. We declare a holy war with the intent of seizing the Duchy of Cyrenaica.

Once more, the holy order knights and men of Jerusalem win our battles for us.

Irish Egypt grows large as Damascus and Cyrenaica fall to our forces.

As Catholicism spreads through the region, our hold on the area grows more stable and permanent.

Irish culture begins to take hold in many centers in the region as well.

County revolts are a constant issue in our old homeland, in addition to troublesome dukes.

The count of Perfeddwlad attempts joins in with a rash of rebellions across the Holy Roman Empire, and we immediately target them while they are independent.

Our forces crush the count's forces and demand his surrender.

With this last county added to our realm, we have finally united the British Isled under the Ua Briain dynasty. Unfortunately, maintaining control over this distant realm is becoming far too much trouble, and our attentions are increasingly focused on our new home in Cairo.

The religious tension fades after several decades and our new demesne in Cairo and Alexandria finally becomes a center of major wealth and power. Our yearly income from here is much higher than it was in Ireland.

In addition, the number of men at our disposal has grown quite large. Our personal holdings along can contribute over 20,000 men at full capacity, and nearly half of the troops granted from vassals come from Egypt and Jerusalem.

In order to escape the cycle of plots, peasant revolts, and rebellions that are plaguing us, we pass our old holdings into the hands of family and allow them their independence. They appear to have a few anomalies with their borders, but you know what? That's okay, because its no longer our problem! We're strong enough to stand on our own in our new home, and the Ua Briains of the British Isles are now free to do as they wish.