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Part 25: The Secret of the Mummy's Curse 1374 - 1382

The Dynastic map mode in 1374.

There are hundreds of Ua Briains alive throughout the western world, ruling kingdoms, duchies, and counties in many realms.

King Gilla-Coluim's family has flourished in Cairo. He has many bright healthy children who can continue his branch of the family tree.

The Pope calls a crusade against the Sultanate of Mauretania in 1374. King Gilla-Coluim answers the call and heads to war with his sons and vassals.

The Sultan of Mauretania isn't capable of mounting a serious defense.

All the forces of Egypt arrive for the crusades, giving us a new generation of crusader vassals who are all inclined to have high opinions of each other. Our two eldest sons take part in the fighting and gain the trait as well.

We lay siege to the Sultan's coastal holdings.

Our level of contribution to the fight is by far the largest. The second highest contributor is our kinsman from England.

The people of Sarqihya don't appreciate our King going on crusades and trying to convert them, apparently. Our Bishop is attacked while working in the county.

The level of development in our new demesne is astounding, though. Cairo alone is home to thousands of troops and nearly one hundred knights.

The castle holdings along the coast of Mauretania begin to fall to our forces, and the war comes to an end.

The successful crusade puts the majority of the de jure territories of Mauretania in our control. An indepdendent German Duke and some holdings of the Holy Roman Empire remain out of our control, however.

We invite some fine Irish kinsmen from our old homeland to come join our court, and then grant them titles to duchies and counties in our new holdings of Mauretania.

The Pope grants us recognition for our deeds and offers us a small gift.

Our heir's wife is a bit impatient and we discover her scheming to end our life. Please calm down Almodis, your time will come.

King Gilla-Coluim reads the Ars Moriendi in his later years. This teaches him not to fear his death, but also causes him to not cling to life as desperately as before.

We wage war against the King of Syria once again, this time over the Duchy of Syria.

Our third son, Prince Fingen comes of age during the conflict. His blank eyes and gaping mouth are a bright reminder for everything that we are fighting for.

The armies of Egypt flood into Syria and overwhelm the withering Sultanate.

The war ends in victory with another wealthy region added to our new homeland.

Our forces next turn to the lands of Arabia Petrae. These rebellious vassals of the Shia Caliphate fall to our forces and become part of Egypt as well.

Word reaches us that a Khan named Timur has appeared with a large army on the outskirts of Persia.

The Irish culture continues to spread through the region, though slowly.

King Gilla-Coluim passes away at the age of 69, leaving his son Brian as the new King. King Brian is known as 'King Brian II', even though our last Brian was also the second. This is because our previous King Brian was the second King Brian of Ireland and the first King Brian of Egypt. This Brian is the second King Brian of Egypt.

King Brian suffers none of the succession issues that his father did. His vassals are close at hand and easily reined in. They also respect the part he played in the Crusade against Mauretania, fighting side by side with the men who are now his vassals. He holds a tournament as soon as possible to give his early relations an even further boost.

Once the tournament has ended, King Brian declared war on the Sultan of Syria in order to claim the remainder of Arabia Petrae for Egypt.

Our kinsman, the King of Ireland is happy to lend us assistance. It's not necessary, but its nice to keep our relations with him on good terms.

The realm of Egypt has grown large and powerful under the rule of King Gilla-Coluim and King Brian.

The Timurid Horde remains north of the Caspian Sea so far, pushing into the old realm of the Golden Horde as well as the Byzantine Empire and Georgia.