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Part 26: Promoting a Stable Egypt 1382 - 1405

Catholicism has spread through the region, but our own demesne is so large with so many counties that we cannot effectively promote that same unity in our own holdings very easily. We only have a single court chaplain, after all.

In order to expedite this process of conversion, we're going to hand some of our personal holdings away temporarily. We invite several young Irish nobles to our court for this purpose.

These courtiers are each granted a single county within our demesne. We don't grant them any extra baronies that we may control in their counties - there's no need for that. The important thing though is that each of these counts has their own court and their own chaplain. Instead of our single overworked chaplain attempting to convert our entire demesne, we now likely have a chaplain in every county placed their by its own count. When the time is right, we'll be able to retrieve all of the counties in the Duchy of Cairo easily with plots. In the counties of Alexandria, we'll simply need to use more underhanded methods to return to our control, such as having out chaplain accuse them of heresy, fabricating claims on their land, assassination, or simply revoking their title without cause.

We move to expand our presence in North Africa by seizing the Emirate of Tunis from Yusuf the Fat.

We also simultaneously press a de jure claim against the Duke of Marrakech. My goal in this region is to consolidate all of Mauretania and then hand the kingdom title off to another family member.

The rate of conversion in our home region is becoming noticeably faster.

Our holy war against the Emirate of Tunis ends in victory. This gives us enough territory in the de jure Kingdom of Africa to create the title for ourselves.

Our youngest brother, Prince Fingen is appointed as the Duke of Tunis.

The counties of our former demesne continue to see successful conversions. As the counties of Alexandria convert, we search for ways to reclaim the lands for ourselves.

Only days after succeeding in his assigned task, the mummy's curse claims the life of the Count of Al Alamayn. King Brian humbly takes possession of the late count's holdings.

Our newest chancellor is quite skilled, and when his suggestions solve a troublesome problem we make sure that he's properly rewarded and his talent acknowledged.

Another count of Alexandria succeeds in converting their county. Our chancellor manages to fabricate a claim on the particular territory, giving us the right to simply revoke it back into our personal demesne.

Meanwhile, we revoke the lands of Cairo back into our demesne using the many plots of revocation that are available to us.

In the earliest days of the 1400s, the Holy Roman Empire finds itself in a sweeping civil war. This is a good opportunity for us to pursue our de jure claims in Mauretania. The Empire holds land there.

The mummy's curse strikes again, cutting down another Alexandrian Count in their prime and forcing us to acquire their holdings.

The final necessary conversion succeeds thanks to our own chaplain, and we work on re-absorbing those last few counties back into our personal demesne.

War rages in North Africa for the lands of the Empire and Marrakech which, by our rights as King of Mauretania, should be in our possession.


King Brian proves to be a healthy old man, fighting off tuberculosis even in his old age.

The curse claims its final victim, and our personal demesne is once again whole.

Our wars come to a conclusion just around the same time. Our progress towards obtaining all of Mauretania is going well.

A wound that old King Brian suffered in North Africa has healed well enough that it no longer really effects his health.

In the near future, we'll have all of Mauretania under our control. This kingdom will be left for the family of our youngest brother to rule.

Our plan for encouraging rapid conversions has worked brilliantly, and the land of the Duchies of Cairo and Alexandria have been added back into our personal demesne.

North Africa is becoming a stronghold of Catholicism as well.

The Irish culture continues to spread in Egypt. Its spread is extremely slow, but there's nothing I can reasonably do to speed this up. Giving our territory all counts, like we did to encourage faster conversion should technically help, but culture spread is so slow that I don't think its a reasonable trade-off to shrink our demesne so much for a process that may never complete.

The Irish culture on the British Isles has swept through Scotland.

Its presence remains strong around the capital of Ua Briain Portugal, as well.

Our family on the Isles feud with each other occasionally, but there hasn't been any major shifts in power since we've left. Meath is currently up in rebellion against Ireland, but they are losing their war.

France has remained a powerful Ua Briain stronghold. Our branch of the royal family in France has long since adopted the Frankish culture, and it is well entrenched throughout the realm.

Prince Loguire died before we could grant him an appropriate title, but his only living heir was appointed as Child King of Portugal. Loeguire's direct line has continued strong in Portugal for all of these years, and his beard genes have finally resurfaced in King Muiredach I.