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Part 29: Epilogue

The Kingdoms of Egypt and Arabia

The Kingdom of Mauretania

The Kingdoms of France and Portugal

The Kingdoms of the British Isles

Egyptian-Norwegian Scandinavia

Eastern Europa and Asia

Various Dynasties of Note

The Ua Briain dynasty has by far the most living members. Pushing to get our kinsmen as many titles and lands as possible caused our family's numbers and prestige to skyrocket.

The House of Doukas ruled the Byzantine Empire in an unbroken chain until the early 15th century.

House Rurikovich ruled the Kingdom of Rus and acquired the Kingdom of Sweden.

The Ylving family had an iron grip on Denmark for the entire game. I even tried a couple of times to put an Ua Briain on the throne of Denmark before we left the British Isles, but I had no success.

A member of the House of Billung was elected as Holy Roman Emperor in the 1100s, and the family never lost the Imperial crown. They eventually established Primogeniture succession in the Empire.

The Fatimids controlled the Shia Caliphate for the entire game. By 1453, they are cornered and their family is on the verge of dying out.

Historical Holders of Selected Titles

Harald of Norway claimed victory in his invasion of England very early in the game. His family controlled England until the title was usurped by King Brian I in the early 1300s.

The House of Dunkeld ruled Scotland with one brief interruption until the title was usurped in 1221 by King Colman Ua Briain.

The first attempt at getting an Ua Briain on the throne of Norway was a false start. Their line didn't die out completely, however, and an ancestor of Queen Affraic was invited to our court and installed back onto the Norwegian throne in 1312.

The house of Rurikovich inherited the crown of Sweden in the 12th century and held it for the entire game.

The house of Billung took control of the Holy Roman Empire after only two Salian Emperors.

France was ruled by a series of Capet Kings and members of the House of Normandie before we pressed King Fingen's claim in the mid-13th century. His branch of the family adopted the Frankish culture and became widespread in many duchies and counties through the kingdom.

The Kingdom of Portugal was created by us in 1274, then given to Loeguire's son Dabid in 1275.

Mauretania was taken by crusade in 1376, and eventually became independent when the crown was passed to Queen Ailbhe.

A long line of members from the House of Doukas ruled Byzantium until its effective collapse.

Egypt came under the control of the Ua Briains by way of King Brian I in 1344, and it became the seat of his power.

This is a list of every character that I controlled during the game, and the score that they contributed to our ending total of 79,267.

The World Maps of 1453

Political Map - Independent Realms



Controlling Dynasties