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Cry of Fear

by Mr. Sunabouzu

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Original Thread: Cry of Fear: Being lonely just kind of... eats away at you.

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Cry of Fear is a first person survival horror shooter released late februrary of 2012. You play as a man named Simon who has recently woken up in a dark alley, not knowing where he is or how he got there. The game takes you through the city of Stockholm as you fight for your life and confront twisted monsters.

CoF is also made by the people behind Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut which is one of my favorite goldsource mods. I am going to compare Cof and AoM at points, so if you aren't familiar with it you may want to play the game yourself, or you could watch the lp I did of it in 2009. Be warned though, time has not been good to it.

Videos will be subtitled commentary in less than 20 minute chunks. I personally don't have the attention span to watch sub vlps for more than 16 minutes, it's too long to ask your audience to be really engaged and CoF demands that level of attention. If it takes me longer than that time to clear a section of the game I'll divide it into chunks for your viewing convenience.

Please avoid spoiling the story or anything about this game

CoF is obscure enough that this shouldn't be a problem but I absolutely love the ending to this game and I want to see your reactions to it (heh. heh. heh.)


Apartments - The weird stuff starts here.Youtube 1 2Blip 1 2
Getting to the city Youtube Blip
City Exploration Youtube Blip
Wespet Gardens Youtube Blip
Saxon Avenue Youtube Blip
Subway Youtube Blip
The Twin Fuses Youtube 1 2 Blip 1 2
Leaving Stockholm Youtube Blip
The Forest Youtube Blip
Asylum Youtube Blip
Home Youtube Blip
Ending 4Youtube 

Bonus Videos

Ending 3Youtube
Doctor StoryYoutube
Ending 1 & 2Youtube
Co-op Part 1Youtube
Co-op Part 2Youtube
Co-op Part 3Youtube
Co-op Part 4Youtube
Ending 5 & SecretsYoutube
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